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UMMMM!!!!! After reading this lengthy post and reply's, it only reminds me why I don't bother with this forum at all sometimes. I just sigh every time I read some of the things that are being thrown around. He said/she said. Too much jeolously going on and not enough happiness for people that are going really well. Also reminds me when I show my colt - how not to be and have the right attitude and be happy for my competetors that I will be up against. Lets all be happy and enjoy our horse's with whatever we are doing with them.

Zoo, I am proud of you and your horse even though I have never met you!!! You go girl !!!!! I will see you out there one day when we meet with my Appallosa Colt who will be here after the Nationals and I will have the pleasure of shaking your hand my friend and patting your beautiful boy.

Cheers everyone, have a great night. Lighten up a little, some people are too intense with comments and advice ( just my opinion )

May the horse be with you.


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UMMMM!!!!! After reading this lengthy post and reply's, it only reminds me why I don't bother with this forum at all sometimes.
Hi Saintly,

It would be a great loss for me and our members if you stopped giving us your very valued advice.



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Congradulation's Zoo you have every right to be bragging about your boy, I hope you have many more successes with in the the future



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Just to drag this out a bit longer i am think it is really sad that rose felt she needed to ring the mag organiser to 'sort this out'.

What did you say to her ?? "Hi i'm so and so. Could you just clafify that you rang so and so and asked them to write about their horse in the mag or did they ring you. Sorry to ask but i am just trying to sort out a scwobble (how on earth do you spell scwobble ???? :p ) that has happened on out local horse discussion website ???"


What happened to believing people??

Congrats to everyone and their horses - i think it's fantastic to get any publicity in a national mag.

Ohh and rose sorry if this comes out like a dig at you - not at all what i intended. I just can't quite get how this topic progressed.

Also Belinda - i think you hit the nail on the head.



Just remember one thing ladies....Pride comes before a fall!!!
A little humility in all this wouldn't go astray!

Best of luck with both your horses!

cheers Mel

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Just got back from an ODE then a Steve Brady clinic & cant believe what i'm reading.

Saw the article in the AQHA mag Zoo & well done. You have a great horse & have achieved some really wonderful things with him & have every right to feel proud of that achievement.

It takes a lot of hard work to get your horse out & about & from the photos I have seen, you have done a great job.

I am sure the AQHA is fully aware of how well your colt is doing as they are the ones who tally & enter up all the points you are winning, so its no wonder you got a phone call. You....through all your hard work & the quality of your colt are showcasing a terrific breed.

Well Done Again !!

Cheers, J

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