Another Hi Shine competition - send in your DIRTY HORSE pic!

Discussion in 'Product & Service Promotions' started by Lily, Mar 31, 2010.

  1. Debonair

    Debonair Well-known Member

    oh, i didnt know about this till now! have just the pic - on the way~!
  2. Golden Biscuit

    Golden Biscuit Well-known Member

    is there any chance the entrants will be up on your website? :D
  3. Lexie

    Lexie Well-known Member

    Thats what I asked hehehe......:p
  4. Lily

    Lily Well-known Member

    lol you guys, I did say I was not near my computer for 2 days so how could I have put them up? I will be putting up entrants sometime during the day today. :p
  5. Magic Moon

    Magic Moon Well-known Member

    Didn't you win second prize for the recent shiny horse competition?
    You cannot always have it both ways.
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2010
  6. Kiwigirl

    Kiwigirl Well-known Member

    I have been away for 12 days, and you would think I would have a really dirty grey but he isn't (very strange)

    But seeing as I have a lesson today, which will mean hosing off, I may be able to get a really dirty pic :D I will try my best :p
  7. Lauren

    Lauren Gold Member

    :) Any results yet? :)
  8. Magic Moon

    Magic Moon Well-known Member

    Due to unforeseen circumstances, Magic had to fly to Phuket this morning for 12 days. She has to check as to the problems, if any, created at the Phuket airport by the recent volcano eruption in Iceland. Consequently, she was unable to announce the winner of the DIRTY HORSE competition before she flew out. Photos of the entrants can be found on her website at Magic Browbands Hi Shine Comp April 2010

    Results will be announced on or just after Thursday 29 April.
    She apologises about the delay, but volcanos don't wait for "man or beast"
  9. citygirl

    citygirl Gold Member

    ha numbers 10, 14 & 17 ! **) GROTS ! :p

    I do have to say...White beach sand isnt dirty in my books lol ;)

    cheers & good luck ppls

  10. Lauren

    Lauren Gold Member

    Bahaha thanks *#) I haven't washed her since i took that pic and it's pony club tomorrow LOL

    I agree though white sand isnt dirty? :p
  11. chick_with_a_chainsaw

    chick_with_a_chainsaw Gold Member

    wow and when i entered libbys pic she was pretty much the dirtiest ive ever seen her lol so of these take the cake
  12. Lauren

    Lauren Gold Member

    Any results? :)
  13. Lily

    Lily Well-known Member

    drum roll please.... sorry for the delay all, as MM said, important business in Phuket, many cocktails to try, etc etc....

    The winner is this grey horse, or is it brown with a grey head?? LOL hard to tell! I do know her name is Bess.

    Congratulations to Lauren for sending in this photo!


    and the runner up.... (didn't someone tell that horse to shake after it rolled....?)
    Congrats to Heifer. :)


    A pack of goodies will make it's way to both of you next week.

    Just to clarify, I did not specify which kind of dirt was allowed and which was not, so please do not comment on whether you think it should be allowed or not, this a Magic Browbands and Hi Shine comp, so we get the set the rules and make the decisions.
  14. Heifer

    Heifer Gold Member

    AWESOME! thanks Magic! WOOHOO! Mr B looks so happy in that pic hehe he loves the beach and LOVES rolling in sand :) But how filthy is Laurens pony! WOAH!
  15. Lauren

    Lauren Gold Member

    Bahaha! Yay :) Thanks Magic & Hishine! That's my ferral Bess :)
  16. citygirl

    citygirl Gold Member

    Weldone Lauren ! **) your horse is now an offical Grot lol...just like mine ! :D

    Congrats Hef. sand up his nose !!???

  17. chick_with_a_chainsaw

    chick_with_a_chainsaw Gold Member

    well done lauren im soooo jealous:)*
  18. Golden Biscuit

    Golden Biscuit Well-known Member

    dang it really needed that hi shine stuff :(

    Well done guys
  19. DPC

    DPC New Member

    LOL - I did aswell.
    Congratulations Lauren and Heifer.

    Mel - I need to buy some now and organise for your super special delivery Magic Man to drop it in the letterbox on his way home.
  20. Ozzies_Girl

    Ozzies_Girl Well-known Member

    Hey BEB, I just picked up some serum and the hot oil from Mandurah Stockfeeds, they've got some left and have ordered in more!

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