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My Andy x TB/Riding Pony is hard to describe.

He is honest, brave, bold, full of attitude, hot, temperamental, sensitive and opinionated.

He will try his heart out for me even when he is not 100% sure of something. He is wonderful around children and loves attention. Quite often he will try and bluff his way out of the situation though, he's very cheeky.

Due to incorrect training, he does have a few issues that I would prefer he didn't have... He has way more go than whoa, he needs a lot of reassurance when he makes a mistake, he will tuck his nose and break at the neck to evade work, just to name a few but I would not change him for the world. He is a horse in a million and I am very thankful he is mine.

In the future, I would be tempted to get another. Purebred or part bred, I don't mind. I really like the breed.

As for Friesians, Aside from being in love with LP's Kit I dont really know much about them. :)


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Sorry for the confusion jc163041 :) I did mean PRE horses available in Australia. I have been looking closely at what I prefer conformationally for over 14 years.

It was just easier to say Australian Andalusians and get my point across :) I understand the differences :)

Recently things HAVE changed alot, yes, and they may be brilliant quality, but they are still not of my preference within the breed :) I still prefer the partbred Andalusian over the modern Australian preferred SOE pure.

Mind you, I haven't looked for at least 2 years.

And my reference to heavy, and fore was to heavy in structure, weight distribution not relating to in the hand or whilst ridden. It's the impact on joint distribution that worries and concerns me, as lightness in communication can be taught, conformation can't. Also, please don't think that I am labeling ALL of them all the time with the above list, they are just the most commonly seen faults that turn me off. Any of that combination would mean I would choose to not breed from them, and some of the SOE preferred traits can be 'diluted' with a good cross :)
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I have two partbreds and they are the best horses I have ever had, they have their moments but the good stuff far outways the bad. They are both by an imported PRE one is out of a TB and the other out of a HolsteinerxAnglo. They have both been stamped by their sire who is very potent and produces a really nice type of horse. Their temperaments are willing, trainable, very smart but definitely can be nervy and difficult at times. I think they thrive with experienced owners but in saying that if you are committed they sure will teach you to pick up your game pretty quick! Mine blow me away every time I work them wih their movement, natural ability to sit, they do piaffe when thy are nervous lol.. They are very responsive and easy to train. They are only babies so I am interested to see if they become less nervy as they get older and have more positive experiences and new stuff becomes are bit more old hat. Would definately have another when the time comes, another partbred.


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Oh, But I absolutely love the Andalusian breed temperament though :D

Lovely lovely lovely intelligent enthusiastic, devoted horses :)


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Seeing as this thread would have come to the attention of the Andy owners, I am new to WA and wondering if any of the shows have Andy breed classes?


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Seeing as this thread would have come to the attention of the Andy owners, I am new to WA and wondering if any of the shows have Andy breed classes?

Most shows these days here have classes for Andalusians pure and part. The ridden section of the Andalusian State Championships is actually on this Sunday!


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This is all good to hear and thank you all again! Any ideas or experiences with Andalusians and eventing?


Hey Mac I just saw an Andalusian x Arabian for sale on another site this morning and the mare had done showjumping and eventing :)


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We have done eventing with both a pure bred Andalusian mare and 3 part bred mares and they love it. The Pure bred is extremely bold and will jump anything you put in front of her. The Australian Andalusian which I event on was not brave at first but now loves to jump and will jump all different heights.


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Just FYI the Andy x Friesian is also known as the Warlander, the only one I knew was a total stunner, by the Friesian stallion Domino out of an Andy.
Also had an uncle with a Andy x Arab, and again something a bit special!
Both were in no way cruisey horses, but thrived with their experienced owners . . .


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I had an andalusian X (3/4 andalusian) who was bred at El Caballo. She had such a great temperament, she was a real people horse, loved company and would do anything for you once she got to know you. She had such a good sense of humour, but was never spooky or difficult, and a very gentle horse. And super smart, would have been a bit more challenging as a young horse I think, but nice and mellow by the time I got her. We did everything pony club with her, and some low level eventing, would have loved to have had her in her younger years (she was about 14 when I got her and already a bit arthritic).

I get the impression they are not for inexperienced owners, but are so rewarding to work with. I lost my girl earlier this year aged 26 to colic, miss her so much, she was just a darling horse. One day I might look at getting another.


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I have two crosses, my mare is a tb x she is 18 or so and definitely not for an Inexperienced person she is nervy and explosive around other horses but I think that is more to do with the handling she has received rather then her breedin she has done lots of dressage and a bit of jumping in told but I've decided to retire her and let her just chill in the paddock being my nanny for now

My second is a 2 month old stb x who I bred. absolutely gorgeous little man, very cheeky full of energy but so so eager to please and loves attention, he is very smart and learns super quick and he is very one person I've found but I'm not sure if that's coz I've done everything with him and he just trusts me :) he is going to be my future eventer and dressage pony and I'm lookig forward to our future :)


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My favourite breed! So versatile. I have had a few part breds and ridden a couple purebreds. I adore their personalities, sensitive and smart, yet loyal with a love for learning and experiencing the world outside of their paddock. I am yet to get a young one but it is on my bucket list! I just love them, and my involvement with the andalusian community has been nothing but positive which is a major tick in this industry :)
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