All browband makers in here please!



Need help....

I'm after a super duper blingy BB in full size.
Colours im not sure on, so any help!
Horse is bay/brown Tobiano & a young stallion, so no pinks. ;)

Must be blingy, must be well made :p & not fall apart..... nothing too bright (colours), lol.

Please PM me with what you may have, or could make up.

BEB, i really liked the black/white one you made but unsure if the colours would suit.

This is the head it'll be on. :)*

credit Springbok


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I really liked that dark blue/light blue mega bling one you had before, blues would look great on him. Cream would look lovely on his dark head but you woud want to avoid it because it might make his white patches look dirty. He's looking great by the way, love the last pic


Geez your up late! *#)

Lol i sold that BB, stupid me.... he has to wear a bit in the Pinto classes apparantly & i cant find a nice cable bridle, so back to a normal bridle (but im not plaiting & NOT cutting his tail ;)).....

Yer i agree about the cream..... someone said bottle green & burgandy but i dunno.
His cable halter is dark green & gold.

Ask me about beads colours on cable halters & im right! :p


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What's sleep?!

I was thinking greens but really think blues would suit him best :)* Oh just saw one that would look great on him, will PM you link

Playin With Fire

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That last photo is gorgeous. Greens or blues would look great. I always love the contrast of blue. Does he have a blue eye or does it just look like it?


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Go to Magic's site Kylie....**)

Hmm, Magic's site is a bit lacking at the moment..... have had a rough month and no time to update. I have around 40 superbling pics sitting on my camera just waiting for me to be doing nothing so I can deep etch and upload....

meanwhile, here's a few for your absolutely stunning fella.

Since you LOVE your bling, I would suggest an additional row of crystal chain for this one. My chain is top quality czech crystal (funny enough, made in czecolslovakia) not acrylic or a grade crystal (neither of which sparkly nearly as much!). range/superbling7.jpg
here's one of Dania's, that could look nice range/superbling2.jpg

Beth hates me showing people this one cause she wants it all to herself... for you I would suggest we cover the white with 2 lines of tiny diamantes for some extra bling.

here's another one very different (another Beth design, she is very clever at colours our Beth).

I also have done one like this with the green and replaced the purple with cornflower blue - very nice!

this is Dania's newest one. How about one like this but replace the hot pink with cornflower blue?

Last one... I am not a huge red white and blue fanatic but it does look super on coloured horses!



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*blush*, fanks hon :)

They're gorgeous as always Mel. Totally agree with the crystal... after you've seen the czech crystal you will never accept A Grade again!!!

Honestly... I won't buy from anyone else these days.

More importantly... I don't necessarily treat my browbands terribly well but I've never had any of Mel's fall apart or anything. I've also watched her make many a browband and you should see the different glues used!!! Trust me... they won't be falling apart!!!!


Oh god, *thinking thinking*. :)*

Thanks to everyone thats PM'd, i logged in to find a full inbox, 12 PM's, lol.

The pics look great Magic & thats the bling i want.
Im just going to do some thinking & i'll PM the person i'd like to make my lovely BB.

(just gotta buy another bridle now.... :D)

Cheers everyone for the PM's, i'll reply in here as its a bit easier. ;)


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magic do u have a pic of the olive green and cornflour blue bb?

ummm, no sorry. operator error (forgot to take a pic before I sent it). It looked great though! I did start on a second set because the first was so lovely, but it's unfinished now. Here's what it looks like so far.... (bib vest needs an iron obviously!) The browband rosette is on the vest for now, no bb to attach it to yet!

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Okay! Done, i did a heap so you can have a look at some different colours, i have a few standout favourites :)

We also use 3 types of glue and Bickie has been wearing a show browband as his daily work browband for almost a year with no dramas, we've never had one fall apart on us yet.

Firstly the black and white one you liked

And some different colours

I love this one, it looks awesome on him!

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Whaa Whoooo Jet's getting blinged **) *chants pink pink pink* lol, I love the one I have for Lilly the V shape one from Kalista Park. I also got other's from a lady over east, she makes wicked ones too.

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