Agistment in Darwin area


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Hi everyone I’m new here, so a little about me. I currently live in Tasmania and am looking at moving back to Darwin (hometown), I have an amazing ASHXTB Maguire and he is my heart horse!

Having lived in Darwin 9 years ago I’m aware a lot has changed but when living there my family had our own property so never agisted.

So I am here asking if there is anyone in Darwin currently that is agisting or know of places to agist. Not wanting too far out, nothing past Virginia area.

Not looking at moving until December but wanting to get all details I possibly can before I definitely decide to move. (I also won’t be moving Maguire up until dry season so will have time up there but definitely still want to get all the facts)

Thanks heaps :)
Picture is of me and my boy <3



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Be very careful where you adjist i have lost one mare and my other 2 got hurt from adjisting make sure you check them out screen them ask around to see if they are good or not before ever putting your horse on the property as you will get nasty lazy horse owners that want your cash and have dont care or keep a eye out if your horse gets hurt.
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