AARGH Hay mites!!!!

Discussion in 'Open Discussions' started by mav, Mar 10, 2013.

  1. chick_with_a_chainsaw

    chick_with_a_chainsaw Gold Member

    Mum says Moretien bug bombs it worked for us

    and Allsoothe for the bites )Antihistamine tablets

    Mum had to go to the doctors because of hers
  2. 7notHeaven

    7notHeaven Active Member

    Hi Mono
    And thanks for the concern :) My Doctor told me it was a bacterial infection that was affecting my liver, I didn't know i could get so sick, I have just lost a week off my life to fever dreamed sleep #( Anyway he had me straight on antibiotics and my strength is returning as I eat more, also he wants me back tommorow for more bloods. I am aware of Lymes disease but since I seem to be recovered I assume he had the right diagnoses.

    I did acheive a couple of things this week
    1. The baby was weaned, he was ready but I'm indulgent and I like them to have breastmilk for 2 years, oh well - DONE
    2.Lost some weight, didnt require any excercise or self controll, just my style - DONE
    3. Experienced what its like to spend a whole week in bed, and yep it make you ache - try to remember that one on my normal mornings when I dont want to get up for love or money

    Theres a silver lining in everything isnt there ? *#)
  3. monomeeth

    monomeeth Well-known Member

    Lyme is a bacterial infection! The actual bug is Borrellia, but there are often other co-infections too, like Bartonella, Mycoplasma and Babesia. It is named for the town of Lyme in the US where the more virulent strain of the bug first showed up.

    Getting you onto the antibiotics was the right thing if it was Lyme so looks like you are covered. If you seem to relapse, get back to your doc quickly. A long course of 60 days or so is usually recommended for those with a new infection so it might have been a bit short. Fingers crossed!

    I'm not saying it was Lyme in your case but there are quite a few people in rural WA and Perth outskirts that are testing positive so is worth keeping in mind for everyone. It is not so hard to get rid of early but if it carries on long enough it gets entrenched and then will ruin your life. It did mine.


  4. Silhouette

    Silhouette Well-known Member

    Try pinetarsol in the shower, excellent for rashes and itchy skin ;)
  5. 7notHeaven

    7notHeaven Active Member

    Mmmmm thanks Mono! Will be discussing this with the doc when I see him tommorow. Can you request a specific blood test for Lymes disease? As I said he wants me back for more bloodwork to check everything is hunky-dory, hoping that it is improving as fast inside my body as I feel it is ;)
  6. monomeeth

    monomeeth Well-known Member

    Doc would probably tell you it isn't in Australia. There is a big movement to get the government (and therefore GPs) to accept that it is but we aren't there yet. If you are better then all is good. If you get sick again (even in a year's time or whenever as it can go underground for a long time) then is the time to go check out that site i posted for the Lyme Association of Australia and go from there. There was a big tick-borne disease conference just this weekend over east and some docs from here flew over for it. Word is getting out.


  7. 7notHeaven

    7notHeaven Active Member

    Nope my Doc is worth his weight in gold, he is totally sensible, never a panic merchant but always willing to go an extra mile for you, so . . . he says my liver is still not up to speed and has ordered a whole pile of new blood tests and at the mention of Lymes put it on the list too ALTHOUGH he said he was unsure if we have the ability to test for this yet. Hi ho hi ho off for more bloods I go ';'
  8. Nicola

    Nicola Active Member

    We've had a hay mite invasion too :( I have so many bites, they're driving me crazy. I think a few more people are going to get them soon too, as my infested came from a very popular stockfeeder SOR
  9. nannygoat

    nannygoat Gold Member

    Hay mites typically surface after a nice patch of soaking rain in the warm months.
  10. JP Red

    JP Red New Member

    there's a cream you can get from the chemist called Eurax, no prescription necessary. It kills any insects that may have decided to set up camp on/in your skin (which is what mites tend to do). I was just covered for about a month, only thing that helped was that cream and staying away from the source.
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  11. Beebee

    Beebee Guest

    My family is covered in these too - it’s horrible! My hubby sprayed himself and his clothes in flyspray (it worked), but I’ve read that Dettol liquid, and Teatree oil kill the little blighters so am going to try that for the kids and me, plus the Eurax cream one poster mentioned. We’ve been smothering ourselves in coconut oil, plus before I have to feed stock I’ve been using Bushman’s (contains Deet which I normally avoid) and teatree-based inspect repellent and putting on long sleeves and gardening gloves etc. Has anyone had to treat their stock for an infestation or does it usually go away?

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