A Weekend with Dr Kerry Ridgeway


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A Weekend with Dr Kerry Ridegway

Spend time learning with Equine Veterinarian Dr Kerry Ridgeway DVM, who will be visiting from the USA, covering a variety of topics from his extensive research studies and practical experience.Dr. Ridgway is an internationally renown clinician and lecturer in the field of Integrative Veterinary Medicine as well as conventional Veterinary Medicine. He has a strong background in Equine Sports Medicine and Postural Rehabilitation using Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Podiatry, Saddle Fitting and the Myofascial connections as well as a deep understanding of the role of the rider.

Saturday 10th December
10am to 3pm

Laterality - Right or Left Forelimb

There is an old adage that a ?straight horse is a sound horse.? Essentially all horses are born crooked. This is due to limb dominance and serves the horse in nature very well. The biomechanics must change radically to make a riding horse that will stay sound. Uncorrected laterality creates most of the unsoundness problems that veterinarians see. Come learn how to recognize the patterns and how to make corrections.

Asymmetry - Heel Heights

This very prevalent condition creates many limb problems, shoulder tension and pain, asymmetrical wither conformation that in turn critically affects the fit of the saddle. The rider, in turn, often has pain in their knees, hips and/or shoulders. Dr Ridegway will address the causes and the effects and the resulting postural and movement aberration. Gait analysis, farrier techniques along with appropriate Integrative Medicine Techniques will be discussed. The importance of a good team approach can do much to resolve or manage the problem.

Sunday 11th December
10am - 3pm

The Mighty Psoas - Performance and the Core

This incredible group of ?core? muscles is a huge player in performance. They are also one of the most important in the flight and flight response. When they remain in tension, they are the common denominator in so very many back and croup problems. Learn how you can manage these and eliminate frequently occurring performance issues.

Hyoids - Tension = Performance Deficits

How can a couple of muscles that hook onto the tongue to aid in swallowing possibly affect performance? The resulting phenomenon of such tension creates muscle pain/tension and spasms in the neck, TMJ pain, chiropractic problems etc. (Try this simple exercise ? draw your tongue to the back of your throat and then try turning your head. Notice the muscle tension in your cervical area.) You will learn how to easily eliminate or manage the problem.

Equine Ulcers - The Tip of the Iceburg

The incidence of digestive tract ulcers are far more prevalent than riders and even equine practitioners realise and so are the ramifications. For example, causing muscle pain and chiropractic issues that lead to performance problems and lameness. There are patterns by which every rider can clinically identify the presence of ulcers. You will learn management practises for prevention as well as treatment.

Both sessions will begin in the Loft at Brookleigh Estate, Upper Swan, with practical hands on demonstrations during the day. A work book in included for each day, please bring a pen and your lunch.Investment: $110 per day or $190 for both. Don?t miss this opportunity to learn from such a highly respected and experienced Equine veterinarian.

Contact Jessica Blackwell from Equestricare on 0407 850 033 / [email protected] or Anita Marchesani from Bit Bank on 0403 860 749 / [email protected]

or book online here: Equestricare Equine Sports Therapy - Bookings
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