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I am a new member and wish to welcome feedback on the subject of traditional rider training. My personal observation is that the novice riders and their progress would be more efficient if they were to prepare their body posture and balance by doing exercises specifically designed for the discipline of riding they wish to take up. In my observation when astride a moving horse no instructor can truly see correct vertical alignment either from the rear or the side. It is also common that many people have a natural muscular imbalance which places more pressure on one side of the saddle. Poor saddle fit compounds this problem as well. There also seems much debate as to stirrup length which in my opinion should be adjusted according to the centre of gravity of both horse and rider. too short above the centre of gravity and too long leads to a variable centre of gravity.
I appeal mainly to people who pleasure ride or those who ride only when the weather conditions are right. There is no harm in this we are all different and have differing relationships and expectations from our horses. I urge those who do not ride often and in particularly those who are nervous that a step forward to overcoming your fears is to seek every opportunity to regain the tools of control. If you improve your security of seat you can do this safely off the horse so you are stronger and better balanced in the saddle. If you modify the behavior of your horse and redefine your role within the relationship you take another step forward to confidence.
I am currently developing a simple device which can either be bought or made by anyone at home along with a series of DVD's of a training program to achieve this. I am consulting with a physiotherapist who is also an experienced Competition Horseperson. I invite the feedback of any instructors who may see the benefits of such a device preventing their students practicing bad habits between lessons their role is vital in furthering rider education however a device such as this will serve to speed the progress of their students and in doing so add to their reputation as instructors.
My motivation for this is born from observing many horse over the last 30 yrs being blamed for behavioral issues which are in fact caused by the posture of the rider. Further to this to allow many nervous riders a way forward and for all those who had a dream for their horse to live their dream. Most of all I feel strongly that this will ultimately lead to better quality and happier horses being passed on to new owners.
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