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    Hey there, new here :)

    So the title of this post probably sounds pretty stupid - you don't have a horse, but you want a saddle???

    (Long post, sorry guys!)

    For a few months last year, I was helping out a OTTB horse rescue and learning the Parelli technique whilst also trying to regain my riding confidence. The saddles that were available to me were Wintec 100s, and even though they're super comfy, I didn't feel very safe in them if I rode any faster than a trot, as I felt like I was going to tumble forwards. So I ended up getting a second hand generic stock saddle which felt safer because of the knee pads, but the comfort level was less than average, and wasn't the best comfort wise for the horses I was riding. Fast forward to now (June 2017) and I'm keen to get back in the saddle after months off prepping for and having my wedding.

    I did a Gumtree search on Wintec 100s in my area out of curiosity, and found 2 for $100 each, pretty good condition. I'm thinking whether I should go ahead and get one as maybe the safety issue I have is just from lack of confidence and riding skill. If it's not, then I'd consider hunting for a second hand, comfy, safe saddle that would better suit more than one horse. Now I've read that half breed saddles and pretty good safety wise and comfort wise for the rider and horse. I'm not planning on getting into any competitions and pretty much just trail ride and improve my riding skill.

    If there was such a thing as a Wintec 100 style saddle with knee pads and a better, safer feeling (lower?) seat, then I'd get it. Open to any suggestions! P.S. Prior to helping at the rescue, I hadn't ridden in over 10 years!
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    It would be wiser to wait until you have a horse, and buy a saddle that is likely to fit that horse. You might be fine in a wintec 100 on a fine comfy pony, but on a tall bouncy TB it would be a different experience.

    There is a huge variety of saddles available now, have you thought of a deep seated dressage with knee rolls/blocks? If you are keen on synthetic there are models like this available. Even the wintec 500's have removable knee blocks, but I have always found them a hinderance. Wintec do stock saddles also, which are extremely secure, its near on impossible to fall out of these. Ammo have a synthetic half breed that is also a very secure seat, and allows for a more english riding position (I find the some stock saddles push me into an armchair position, my legs are not underneath me, which is fine for stock work but not as comfortable for long trail riding). Both are available second hand now as they have been around a while.

    You could buy the cheap wintec 100 and set it up at home for practice. I have had students who have done this to practice position.

    Goodluck in finding a comfortable working saddle for yourself. Hope I have not missed the mark here.
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    This is pretty helpful thread. Love to hear more about horses and riders safety.

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