20 year old mare and rein cues


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Hello everyone! I hope I can get some tips on my mare. She is about 20 years old and sat in a pasture I believe for years ( said the seller we got her from ) so when I started riding her, she was a bit stubborn. After a few days of riding at a walk, I tried to get her to trot ( a higher speed ) and she tried bucking me off. I don't think she was used to trotting with added weight. I may need some answers on why she acted like that. Anyway, when I started to do turns through the pasture, she would ignore my rein cues and would always want to go back to the gate where she came out from. She also doesn't stop when I cue her to. She just seems to not have manners, probably from lack of riding before. She has a branding on her left hip, so I'm thinking she was either a cow horse or something. I have thought about trying join up to get her to respect me, and maybe some groundwork exercises. But I don't know what to do! Any answers would be much appreciated. Thanks!