“Common land” ?


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I grew up in the UK, where there is a lot of common land on the hills and many of these are open to horse riders as well as walkers.

In Australia, is there any equivalent? Please don’t say “the deserts” - far too far away.

In NSW National Parks, there are very few horse riding trails. And just 12 of NSW State Forests allow horse-riding.

Our great land is locked up. Unless I happen to be the owner of a thousand acres or more or live in the central desert, should I stop dreaming about a few hours worth of horse riding freedom that’s really not all that far away?

PS I’m not specifying where I live, as I’m making a point as much as anything else. But I feel sure that what I’m saying is a situation most of us face. We just accept the idiocy of it.

I’d love to hear others’ views.


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I live in Perth, Western Australia and there are many places to take your horse for a good trail ride.


In Australia I think land designated as commonwealth land is the same as what you refer to as common land. :)

screen capture of one of the favourites...

also, you can take your horse to the beach...
? :)