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Stockyard Horse Forums are more than just another message board! They have become a hub of interactivity for the equine community from all backgrounds and equine disciplines. Members can search thousands of posts made in relation to first hand experiences with horses along with the vast amount of must-have knowledge that has been  imparted on the Stockyard Horse Discussion Forums. With only one click members can also generate a list of their latest posts. People have already gained significant knowledge about horses, struck up new friendships and rekindled their interest in the horse and horse riding.

The Stockyard internet website is all about the horse and has become the one stop shop and meeting place for the equine community! An award winning website in recognition of creativity, integrity and excellence on the web. Some of the many advantages in using this website to advertise are:-
We are one of the largest, most comprehensive and most popular equestrian websites in Australia with guaranteed exposure to the equestrian community world wide. We utilize the best classified and forum software technologies in the world! The Stockyard website is listed with all the major search engines across the world and is supplemented with 'horses for sale' ad campaigns. In addition, we also advertise this site in the prominent equine sections of the major newspapers on a regular basis. We feel that this strategy will give our customers the greatest exposure possible!
Our horses for sale classifieds section alone has already sold horses worth over ten million dollars! Comments from a very satisfied customer..."Just a note to thank you for the excellent service. We have sold 2 horses recently through the Stockyard horses for sale classifieds and the response was far better than received from ads in the print media or other websites";
Users can place and manage their own advertisements in our classifieds section;
campdraftingMake sure your horses for sale are being seen! Photographs allow many people to see your horses and not just the few that might respond to a newspaper advertisement. Advertisements with photos and videos get 10 times more response than advertisements without;
You can sell your horses, ponies, horse gear, floats and horse properties for FREE! You can upload photos, YouTube videos, pdf files etc, our user functionality is the best in the world!