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Monkey Strap???

Problem Horses Thread, Monkey Strap??? in Horses and Ponies; Please be careful using a monkey strap, there have been cases of people getting hung up with these, and that ...
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Please be careful using a monkey strap, there have been cases of people getting hung up with these, and that is no fun experience.
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I ride most of mine in a breastplate, so that often becomes the emergency handle if my horse gets gravitationally challenged.....
When in doubt, go forward
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Originally Posted by skiddlez View Post
Ive never ever EVER used a monkey strap, ive always learnt to be a big girl and not use the monkey strap. Well thats just me...
*rolls eyes* Well aren't you the smarty pants then?
If you are not afraid at times, then you are not stepping out of your comfort zone and living big enough.
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Well I'm a big girl ( seriously I am..working on it though) and I would use a monkey thingie IF I could remember it's there. I tend to just go splat. Having read this thread has prompted me to try and use one again as I'm pretty wobbly atm (having not ridden for a little while due to back problems etc). It's not sissy..it's just common sense.

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My daughter uses a monkey strap... It came in very handy when her little man would buck lots. And after I nearly came of my old horse when he went one way and i would have gone the other way if it wasn't for me getting the balance back by grabbing the reins (he had a very sparse mane and I missed it) and nearly pulling him down I decided I should have one! I just went out and bought a new one as the one I had I've lent to a friends daughter who is learning to ride. I won't ride without one!
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Originally Posted by GGS View Post
Please be careful using a monkey strap, there have been cases of people getting hung up with these, and that is no fun experience.
how do you get hung up in a monkey strap???
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Southern Stars Saddlery - RS-tor

Check this gadget out- designed for the purpose without compromising your hand position or rein aids. Attached to your stirrup bars rather than dees, so no chance or ripped leather. Winner of the BETA Innovation award.
...designed by riders, for riders.
Web: www.southernstarssaddlery.com E: marketing@southernstarssaddlery.com
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the english mags i read highly recommend the rs-tor, usually has a cartoon ad of a horse and nervous rider.

i wouldnt mind seeing how it acts as your hand would be higher and so your position would be perfect (not as leaning forward to grag the strap)
There are only two emotions that belong in the saddle; one is a sense of humour and the other is patience
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I think I saw a (really embarrassingly corny) demo on youtube at some point, might be worth looking there.
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I can certainly vouch for the R-Stor strap I bought one about 2 years ago from the UK and it has saved my butt on more than one occasion. I am sure I would of hit the dirt when my big boy dropped his shoulder and did a 360 degree spin out on the trails. I actually felt like I had gone past the no point of return and somehow managed to stay in the saddle. I don't know who was more surprised, me or the horse LOL.

I prefer this device because you already have it in your hand so no need to think about grabbing for the monkey strap when things go pear shaped.

Love it and highly recommend them

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