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dog + electric fence question

Open Discussions Thread, dog + electric fence question in General Discussion; ok this might seem like a weird question, but can being zapped by a electric fence hurt/kill a dog. we ...
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Default dog + electric fence question

ok this might seem like a weird question,

but can being zapped by a electric fence hurt/kill a dog.

we are wanting to put up a fence to stop the rotti getting into places he shouldnt but i am worried about my other dog a mini Dachshund

rotti is 42kg and daxi 4kg

i have a solar unit/battery that puts out

output voltage 8.0+-1.5kv
discharge energy 0.1 joules
pannel out put 1.3watts

supply voltage with battery is 6v , 4.5ah

now would this be safe as i dont want a BBQ'd Sausage dog.
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of course it hurts - thats the whole point!
but kill? not that ive seen and ive had dogs and electric fences all my life.
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Sounds about the same as my solar unit - should be perfectly safe
Only reason an electric zap could cause an issue for the dog is if the dog had an underlying heart condition
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We have an 85kg Mastiffs down to the cats and all of them have had a zap from the fence and learnt their lesson And it's a BIG unit to keep my stallion safe!
No it hasn't killed any of my animals, they have had a few hits over the years and they are all respectful of fences now.
We have taken out all the ringlock and the internal fences are plain wire for horses safety with a hot wire and earth wire close by so that a full zap is delivered.
Everyone laughs at me when I put the dogs in the paddocks when people come over saying "BUT they can get out"....But me and the dogs know there is an electric fence and DONT TOUCH FENCES THEM COS THEY BITE!!!!!!!!!!!
My big Mastiff is that tortured by fences that zap him he wont go under or near any fence no matter where he is....works for me
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Our dogs have always had altercations with the electric fence and never had any harm other than a boot from it.

My husband even had ours set onto 'water buffulo' strength once and my silky terrier touched it and he got thrown back and survived . Apparently my husband said that the 'water buffulo' setting was the only thing that would keep my old appy off the fence.
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My collie has touched the fence scared the crap out of her but never gone back through again, i would think it should be fine
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phew, was worried i might have a crispy sausage on my hands lol, so if we set it on low we should be right.

i think the little ones will only touch it once,

boof head, well hmmm he wont know what hit him he is a bit spesh will prob take a couple of boots to even realise it was the fence.

lol i know it will hurt especially as they will hit it wet nose first haha. i just dont want to permanatly hurt her.

she is only 2 and very fit n healthy( no fat snagga's at my place)

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If this is a cure for roaming dogs, be warned it doesn't always work. My folks had their entire 12 acre property boundary electrified with a double wire at dog level. The two dogs, an English mastiff and a big ridgeback, just crawled through the wire yelping and screaming. Didn't stop them. When the ridgeback was finally hit by a car, he crawled back through the fence to die in the driveway. Maybe a cyclone mesh type fence as well as the hotwires would give a better barrier for a 'special' boofheaded Rotty.
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I have installed the innotek containment system and love it. My dogs respect it and I can leave them out and know that they wont wander. For 1 unit/collar + some wire, it was $219 from Mandurah stock feeds.
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Electric fences electrify at a pulsing rate.

SO - yes - its would hurt like hell...but as it pulsesm it usually isnt sustained long enough to kill.

This is to prevent livestock death is they by chane become entangle in it.

It doesnt kill chicken if they get stuck....its just stuns them for a bit. Makes them very quiet and they need cuddles for 10 mins - and then they are as right as rain!

ETA - we have only had one get stuck before, and it was beacause it got a fright and flew into the fence

As well as Cats, dogs - large, medium, small tiny and toy size have all been zapped here by ignorance, humans (regularily) and small children.
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