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dogs eating lemon grass??

Open Discussions Thread, dogs eating lemon grass?? in General Discussion; I have an 11 year old cavalier, Milli has recentley started eating a lot of lemon grass that we have ...
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Question dogs eating lemon grass??

I have an 11 year old cavalier, Milli has recentley started eating a lot of lemon grass that we have growing in the back yard. Tonight she started gagging, as if she was about to vomit, she ran to the back door, we let her out, thinking she would want a drink, but instead she ran straight to the lemon grass plant and started eating it... Does anyone know why she is always eating this lemon grass, and is it safe?
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When we had lemon grass growing, our dogs always used to eat it. Never did any harm that I know of
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Could be a stomache upset shes self-treating or likes the taste...?
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I have cavaliers... while we don't have lemongrass, they still go and chew on the long grass out the back near the shed. Doesn't do them any harm.
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Should do wonders for her breath
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If a dog or cat is feeling sick, they eat grass and this will force them to throw up. If it happens for too long your dog may have a stomach upset and could help by seeing a vet. In saying that, its nothing to worry about at the moment, its very common when they are feeling off colour. I will try to find an article about gardens for your dogs and see if this has anything on lemon grass

Just read up on the lemongrass, its a nutritional food, so it won't hurt him. Keep a look out on his belly and armpits for a rash, if this does occur I would keep him inside and monitor him outside while you remove the grass and make sure it doesn't come up again. If he did get a rash I would take him to the vet, but he is very unlikely to get a rash from lemongrass. I don't know what lemon grass looks like, but if it has little hairs on the stalks, he is likely to be using it to throw up once eaten. If not he could just like the taste.

Dogs will also chew grass to pass worms, all things to look at, but from what I read, lemongrass shouldn't harm him and he is just eating it because its yummy
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I find it impossible to grow coriander. Drives me mad, the dogs think it is the best thing. They don't save me any little buggers.
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