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Kelpie X Collie dogs

Open Discussions Thread, Kelpie X Collie dogs in General Discussion; Can anyone tell me what these dogs are like in temperament? I have been offered a pup...and have never had ...
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Default Kelpie X Collie dogs

Can anyone tell me what these dogs are like in temperament?

I have been offered a pup...and have never had this breed.
We have a small property with room to run....active lifetsyle...horsies (of course) and a fox terrier male that is VERY active and playful! He needs a playmate LOL.
So any info please
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If you mean border collie I have just got rid of my pups and believe me they need loads of entertainment and space. I had one that would bark all day when I was in suburbia and had to give it away in the end.

I now have access to hundreds of acres and they just run and run and run PMSL.
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I have a kelpie male. He's very full of life, loves to play, has a ball obsession but will come inside and cuddle up on the couch as well. just an all around happy dog. Great with kids and horses but has been around kids and horses since he was a little pup.

He also very possesive of me. My OH isn't allowed to hug me or heaven forbid kiss me if the dog is around.
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We have a kelpie x border collie, and he is the most amazing dog. So loyal and smart, and he's great with my toddler and cats other dogs etc. He loves to chase anything that runs tho lol. I would get another in a heartbeat, they r great
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we have what we believe is a sheltie/collie x kelpie (RSPCA rescue) - needs lots of entertainment and if shes bored then will wander can get out of any yard so you really have to be on the ball and keep in mind that they are working dogs and need to be entertained as such used to do 20km at least /day with her when we had property just to stop her from taking her own walks...
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The are full of energy and need a lot of things to keep them busy also they benfiet from been trained nothing worse than a feral dog running around
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i have a kelpie blue heeler and you will probably find if it has kelpie in it with out any training it will try and round everything up like the horses , other dogs , and anything that is in a herd sort of situation lol my dog does it so does my mates pure kelpie lol i am not sure bout the border collie side of things but beleive they are very energetic just like the kelpie but a little bit more subtle than a kelpie and the kelpies can bloody jump and i mean jump really well lol my dog can jump clean over cattle yards, normal fences that you have in perth , gates and climbs up things really well aswell ... but the dog will be the most loyal thing you will ever find for a kelpie border collie ... and if its a girl it will be even more loyal than a male that isnt castrated but i would get it if i could lol but i already got 3 dogs
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This is our Bordercollie/kelpie cross he is 3 and is just wonderful most of the time his only fault is that he digs holes we live on 5 acres and have horses so no problem with exercise

And this is him with our latest addition Jack Russel 8 weeks old he is just great with the pup and puts up with heaps

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Forgot to mention that is very much on the lazy side and will sleep most of the time but if you happen to get out a sqeeky toy then he is up and running but he is def not your normal energetic round them up type of dog also he is very obedient and smart
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Lovely temps...but really full on !

Good luck

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