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pale gums and tongue

Horse Management Thread, pale gums and tongue in Horses and Ponies; Monty has pale gums and tongue at the moment. Does that mean anaemia? If so, what can I give him ...
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Default pale gums and tongue

Monty has pale gums and tongue at the moment. Does that mean anaemia? If so, what can I give him to increase his iron levels?
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mg, if you are worried about his pale gums, call a vet and find out what is causing this as it could be anything from internal bleeding to toxins to some sort of shock,
if it is internal bleeding and you give him something to increase his iron levels, it could had disasterous results.
best to work out what you are treating, before trying to treat it.
hope all is well
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Simple blood test will tell you everything - one of my horses had the same problem and a very foul smell from his mouth. Turned out to be toxins and amenia and also an infection and some other problems (he had no cuts etc on him), so it was a combination of four things together. Definately worth the blood test.

For the iron levels, it's as easy as feeding an iron supplement in his feed if that is the problem and isn't low enough for a stronger approach.
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to the vettttt
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Vet now. Just to be safe
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