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Why do horses dig holes?

Horse Management Thread, Why do horses dig holes? in Horses and Ponies; Just remembered...my little shetland MUST stand with his front legs in his bucket and dig like crazy while eating and ...
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Just remembered...my little shetland MUST stand with his front legs in his bucket and dig like crazy while eating and if its not a solid bucket its tipped over and he jumps ontop of it and kicks his feed everywhere.
His bucket needs to be hooked on the fence out of reach of his feet.
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I've decided it's done purely for their amusement when we have to fill them back in or break our legs falling in them in the dark in the mornings
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Digging holes you say? Went to bring Tiger is yesterday and this is where I found him...

Must be something in the weather.
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Hole digging or pawing is a natural instinct bred in the horse from before they were domesticated. Horses in the wild often needed to forage for food and would paw the dirt or snow to look for grass roots and other forms of food.

Of course today that natural instinct has turned to habit meaning that some horses will dig holes and paw continually because of boredom, impatience or excitability. Some just do it because they can.
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Hi all,

Sorry Remaani get used to it, my anglo arab gelding has dug holes from when he was a weanling and still does it now at the age of 7, he does not do it all the time just obviously when he feels the need. I too have toys etc for him to play with but digging holes is more fun.
He too does not stand in them just digs and walks away when he is finished. I just fill them in with manure to discourage him but he just finds a new spot, at least it gives the grass a chance to grow back. Unfortunately i can not have another horse in with him as he likes to boss and chew their rugs. Bloody boys!!!! I just put it down to him being a ADD horsey.
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Would that be your Part-Arab Pinto colt? I don't think there is nothing to worry about even it's annoying to have holes in the ground for safety!
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My 21 year old pally has dug a few holes overnight every time there is a full moon since he was around 3 years old. Anyone got any wisdom on the full moon part? Sorry to hijack Remaanni...

It might be helpful to know that the second half of his show name is Moon Magic.

I'm deadly serious!
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