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BUBBLES: BOMBPROOF, SWEET, PLACID CONFIDENCE BOOSTER / BEGINNERS HORSE FOR SALE: $3000   BUBBLES'S VIDEO'S TAKEN: 06/12/2018   VIDEO: BUBBLES MOUNTING & DISMOUNTING UNHELD, LARGE OPEN ARENA:   VIDEO: BUBBLES OUT ON A TRAIL RIDE HALTER & LEAD BAREBACK, VERY WINDY DAY:   VIDEO: BUBBLES RIDDEN AT LIBERTY, NO GEAR AT ALL, LARGE OPEN ARENA, VERY WINDY:   VIDEO: BUBBLES QUIET PLACID TROT INTO HALT, LOOSE REIN, RIDER MOVING AROUND:   VIDEO: BUBBLES GORGEOUS SLOW PLACID CANTER, LOOSE REIN, WINDY DAY:     BUBBLES COMES WITH: ~ Money Back Guarantee. See Terms & Conditions. ~ Ongoing professional support & guidance. ~ RBEI Masters Course Series, (value $4000).  ~ Australian Studbook Registration Information. ~ Studbook brands & markings registration page. ~ Full studbook pedigree chart. ~ Photo's of relatives dating back to THE 1800'S ~ Full ASB registration page & record. X 5 current videos & 25 current photos.     PROFESSIONAL ASSESSMENT:  Bubbles is a super placid, sweet, quiet, gentle, cuddly, sweet natured darling friendly horse. Perfect girl for instilling confidence in her riders.    Loves people and being ridden.  Gets happy when you pull out the riding gear. Puts her head into the bridle and holds it still and low for you.   An absolute gem of a horse.  Amazing bareback, with no gear at all and in full gear also.   Very casual, no fuss, laid back & quiet girl who ADORES people.       PROFESSIONAL VALUATION: $10,000, (so a bargain at our price).   RIDER SUITABILITY: Anyone.     COLOUR: Stunning sleek red bay.   WHITE MARKINGS: White star.   SEX: Mare   HEIGHT: 15.1hh approx.   AGE: 6yo   SOUNDNESS: Sound.   CONFORMATION: Stunning flashy conformation, gorgeous.   WASHING: Loves a wash & water. Very experienced.   GROOMING: Good, experienced, sweet, placid & quiet.   TRANSPORTING: Perfect.  Loads, travels and unloads professionally & quietly. Very quiet & very experienced traveler.   TYING UP: Perfect, very experienced, including cross ties and general.   CATCHING: Comes up to you and is very sweet, cuddly & placid, loves people.   HANDLING HOOVES, SHOEING & TRIMMING: Very experienced, fine barefoot or shoed.   LUNGEING: Very experienced and good but does not require lungeing prior to working, just jump on and go. Does not need to be kept in regular work or to be lunged prior to riding to remain quiet to ride. Can leave unridden for as long as you like and then just jump on and ride.    WORMING: Perfect.   RUGGING: Perfect, no need for halter.     AROUND DOGS & OTHER ANIMALS: Great, gentle, placid, experienced & very sensible.   AROUND NOISY MACHINERY & TRUCKS: Highly experienced.  Good.  Very placid and non-spooky.   SADDLING & BRIDLING UP: Very good, experienced, sweet placid, gentle, no fuss & quiet.  Tries to help you put the gear on.   VARIOUS RIDERS: Has been ridden and handled by many different riders of various abilities.   MOUNTING & DISMOUNTING: Very experienced.  Stands very quietly. Very good.   RIDING ON A LOOSE REIN: Very experienced, good.   RIDING ON A TIGHT REIN: Experienced being ridden on a tight rein with contact also, good.   RIDING ON THE BIT: Experienced being ridden on the bit.    RIDER MOVING AROUND IN THE SADDLE: Great. Very experienced.  Super placid and quiet.   LEADING & HANDLING: Super gentle, placid, very sweet, kind & soft.   DRESSAGE: Foundational, balanced and smooth in all paces.   TRAIL, FARM & ROAD RIDING OUT: Loves exploring and going for rides out. Great in a halter & lead bitless out also.   RIDING BAREBACK HALTER & LEAD: As good as in full gear. Very soft & gentle, very easy to manage.  Can trail, farm & road ride etc, halter & lead bareback.   RIDING AT LIBERTY / NO GEAR: Great ridden at liberty with no gear at all.  Responds to light finger directing.   Very placid, quiet, soft, laid back, gentle & sweet.   RIDING IN GROUPS: Very good, used to other horses going past fast, very sensible.   RIDING ON OWN: Very good & experienced.   PADDOCKING IN GROUPS: Experienced, sweet & friendly, shares her feedbin.   STABLING: Very experienced. Very good.   ON OWN: Experienced.    HYPED COMPETITION SETTINGS: Experienced, very good.   BREED: Very well bred Purebred Thoroughbred.   REGISTERED: Yes registered with the ASB.   BRANDED / MICROCHIPPED: Yes.   DNA TYPE RECORDED FROM BIRTH: Yes   LOCATION: Gold Coast, QLD.       PRE-PURCHASE TO BEAT THE CROWD:   FREEDOM EQUINE FACEBOOK GROUP:   FREEDOM EQUINE TV YOUTUBE:   FREEDOM EQUINE TWITTER:   CLIENT REVIEWS:   PHOTO GALLERY OF SOME PREVIOUS HORSES SOLD:   RELATIONSHIP BASED EQUITATION TUTORIALS:   RECEIVE NOTIFICATIONS OF HORSES BEING UPLOADED FOR SALE:   HORSES FOR SALE PAGE:   RELATIONSHIP BASED EQUITATION CODE OF CONDUCT:   FREEDOM EQUINE INTERNATIONAL W: E: TEXT: 0434 372 690 SERVICE AREA: Gold Coast, QLD, National & International.   FREEDOM EQUINE INTERNATIONAL: The global revolution of horse mastership into a future of true kind, effective Relationship Based Equitation from a past of fear based equine dominance.
Price: $3,000.00
Ad Number: 5754
Breed: Thoroughbred
Age: 6
Height: 15.1
Sex: Mare

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