Zumba success stories??

Discussion in 'Open Discussions' started by NiccyLovesK, Jan 8, 2012.

  1. NiccyLovesK

    NiccyLovesK Well-known Member

    I'd like to hear pos/neg on Zumba - how many of you have tried it??

    Since December 1st when i got serious about my weight in regards to health, I've now lost a solid 6-7kg! I drink a lot of water, I've cut out the chocolate mostly and also eating a lot better, with better portion control now I've switched to more WeightWatchers, LightnEasy and such pre-prepped meals and using FitnessPal on my iphone to control my calorie intake.

    This, along with Zumba in my apartment has helped! When I went to Darwin the first week of Dec I swam in his pool for an hour every day, and when I went to Kalgoorlie the last week of Kalgoorlie I walked/lightly jogged the dogs every day. When I've been home, I've been swimming every 2-3 days and Zumba workouts every other day!

    While I did Zumba the beginning of this year, I realised I did not have the motivation and cbf, when I outweighed everyone else by a good 20 or more kg and it only made me feel worse, seeing all these skinny minx's working out so hard. Doing Zumba off the DVD and youtube videos has allready made me feel a difference. Some days my muscles just refuse to work but I push through it, and I'm feeling results.

    Anybody else had good things (or bad things) come of Zumba? Googling lead me to a fair amount of people who report getting serious injuries, but I know my limits and the beauty of not being in a class is when I feel sore, I can take a small break and try something different, or stop if anything cracks or creaks that's not meant to :p

    I am only aiming to shed my extra kg I've gained the last 2 years and go back to a slimmer me, when my self esteem was highest, I felt the best, and was able to run up and down stairs without a hitch.

  2. Wizard

    Wizard Active Member

    I'm currently doing Zumba as often as i can from a wii game I got for Christmas, I'm yet to know if it works coz i haven't done it long enough but I love it! If u really put effort into it and push yourself your sure to see results:) I already feel better from doing it plus it's not just a boring exercise it's real fun! :) so I wish u luck on ur goals :)
  3. NiccyLovesK

    NiccyLovesK Well-known Member

    Thanks, I'm enjoying it. I tried the whole WII thing but it never lasted. So this DVD I can choose if I want a harder workout or just a slower, less extreme one. I'm able to choose if I want to take an easier day or really push, and if anything goes ouchies I stop.

    Best of luck for you too!

    Unfortunately a mate of mine just shed herself from size 22 to a size 10 the last 9 months, and she's all high and mighty about it, so I'm struggling some days when she's extra high and mighty, though I'm getting there!
  4. Jonsie

    Jonsie Well-known Member

    I loved the classes!!! Found that it really helped my riding, especially my canter work as it works alot on hip movement!!! It upped my fitness really quickly!

    Good luck with your goals! You can do it!! :)
  5. blitzen

    blitzen Gold Member

    Wow, size 22-10 is a huge weight loss.... Did she do it thru zumba too?

    I'm impressed, mate. Keep it up.
  6. TB4Me

    TB4Me Well-known Member

    Not me personally, but I know a girl who had very good results from going to the classes, she actually teaches some of them now I think. I didn't ask her how much she lost but at a rough guess she would have gone from a 14-16 to a 10 or something like that.

    I think it would be much easier to stay motivated by attending classes than trying to use the DVDs at home - no one else in the class cares what you weigh, really!
  7. Beauvelour

    Beauvelour Well-known Member

    I bought the DVD pack in early december but sort of didnt really commit since I hurt my back and then xmas but I have now started and im too using the myfitnesspal app on my phone! In a week I have lost a kg and couple of cm from around my body and I am doing Zumba every 2-3days then skipping and walking every other day. I find you get a really good sweat up too. I think it would be good to do a few classes though as im not sure if im doing it right but im too embarrassed lol. So I haven't really been doing it long enough yet but i Love it
  8. izzy2512

    izzy2512 Gold Member

    Not really a success story, but I do it to break up my other gym classes and I find it pretty fun :)

    I think you need to give it a good go though, because it can take a few classes to master some of the moves and until you do it might not burn as many calories.

    I prefer going to actual gym classes because I find I get more out of them than following DVD's etc
  9. NiccyLovesK

    NiccyLovesK Well-known Member

    Umm, well her parents sent her here to study, told her get a job (which she failed at and didnt actually get one) and lived off $40 a fortnight last semester... so she barely ate, excersised heaps (incl loads of zumba) and now is a size 10-12ish, give/take brands.

    Though shes basically lost her boobs :p i think i'd be happy with a 12 again. Done it before I can do it again (but working out relentlessly at the gym was horrible and i couldnt keep it up... evidently :p)

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