Zoo's mare finally foaled.

Discussion in 'Breeding Horses' started by OBHH, Aug 26, 2009.

  1. Yarrabah Quarter Horses

    Yarrabah Quarter Horses Well-known Member

    Thanks Shell means a lot to me from a non QH breeder and yep dad is the sexy rexy lol

    Even though locked in the stable he is trying out his little legs and is showing some very soft elevated movement. I did joke to F today and said mmmm nice dressage pony there:)*

    I said the same today lol he has lots of bone and can't walk under mum either. Well Aunty Leisa when are you going to visit your nephew lol I can always come pick you up as I have to do a spotlight run**)


  2. Sqeeky

    Sqeeky New Member

    Congats Zoo and his new owners! He's going to be a spunky mini Charlie!!!
  3. Woodlands

    Woodlands New Member

    WOW what an unbelievable spunky boy he is, I'm over the moon with this lovely little man, I even got a cuddle and hundred pics, can't wait till he can come home what a xmas present he will be. Thanks Sue for letting me stand and google for hours, he is a cheeky little man with heaps of go I'm sure Leyla will want out of the stable after a few days when he gets bored. No name just yet want to pick a special one, got any ideas.

  4. celestialdancer

    celestialdancer Gold Member

    he's lovely :)
    well done to all involved **)
  5. OBHH

    OBHH Well-known Member

    hhhm, monday might be good but need to be home by 2.30pm at the latest, otherwise im wipped out until week after. So do you need spotlight this monday then???:p
  6. Yarrabah Quarter Horses

    Yarrabah Quarter Horses Well-known Member

    We have a name we have a name :)

    Finally little man has a name but I will let his new mummy spill the beans.

    OK some pics from today in the lovely sunshine, he certainly kicked up his heels and was glad to have a good run around and have fun, kept poor mum on her toes for most of the day and finally collasped at lunchtime for a big snooze. My morning chores took 2 hours more than normal, foals hehehe they are such good time wasters lol

    Anyway please enjoy







  7. Delrae

    Delrae Gold Member

    gorgeous foal zoo!!! **)
  8. RPM

    RPM Well-known Member

    Absolutely stunning!!! He is just adorable!!! Congrats!!!
  9. notickets

    notickets Well-known Member

    oh yeah!! talk about spunky!
    Congrats to all involved.
  10. Woodlands

    Woodlands New Member

    Well after hours of searching I gave up and we have now named him BAXTER I call him baxter boots after those nice white socks.:))

    Man this boy has lovely movement he was enjoying his stretch out with mum, and those legs look taller everytime I see him.

  11. dirtbug

    dirtbug Gold Member

    omg hes a little spunk, and look at those back socks they look almost drawn with a ruler up the top!!!
  12. FDPH

    FDPH Guest

    Loveley big strong foal.. congrats!
  13. OBHH

    OBHH Well-known Member

    I like that name Woodlands. But now we need a show name.:D
  14. Woodlands

    Woodlands New Member

    Oh you can see I'm new to all this his name is Baxta - Y Rulez are Broken. Thank goodness Sue picked it as it took me days to come up with his paddock name.


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