Zoning and definitions?

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  1. Hey I am trying to find a document that clearly outlines what different 'zoning' means on properties!

    I am particularly interested in what 'Urban development' zoning actually entails and whether this means we could not keep horses on a property zoned as such.

    Is there an actual document available online that explains the different zonings or am I stuck waiting for the council to feel like calling me back?
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    I think "urban development" means that its all going tobe developed into housing , I rented a 10 are block in wellard and the landlord told me that if he resold the property would be rezoned "urban" from special rural and he thought that meant no horses. this is what I am led to undersand wha it means:confused:
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    Hi there,
    I think the Town Planning scheme documents are the sort of thing your after. I found the Serpy-Jarrahdale one on their website when we were buying a place a while ago. It is has all the specific restrictions on each type of zoning in the Appendices - thinik that includes a bit on Urban Development areas.

    If the area you are looking at is also in the S-J shire, I actually saved the document on my puter (its pretty big). So if you like, PM me your email and I can send it through.

    If its a different shire, try their website but you may have to do quite a bit of digging around to find it.
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    Done mate - good luck!

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