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  1. mihu

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    Sorry for having a say I wasn't having a go at anyone but just can't work out why people can't the write truth.. I was a shareholder and have foals by him and won fair few races with them and upset he was put down, he was a nice horse and what happened to him I've been told otherwise, by the people who put him down.
  2. misskel

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    I have a yearling colt by him and he is absolutely bloody beautiful. A DEAD RINGER for his dad judging by the photos of Zed.
    Gary is an absolute cracker, hes so athletic and such a loveable horse. He is still a colt for now but will geld in the not too distant future. Cant wait until he races. Such an athlete already!!

    Whatever way Zedrich was PTS its not suitable for discussion on here. This is a thread about Zedrich, not the circumstances or opinions surrounding his demise.
  3. Jbear123

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    I worked parttime at Evergreen for a while with Mylittlepony and Zedrich was just gorgeous one of my favourite horses there, he was very cute at feed time as he loved his food and was treated like a king with what he got feed, a very special boy.

    It bought tears to my eyes when I heard he had been put down and It would have been lovely to have been able to see him run around a paddock till he was old and grey but that is the Tb industry for ya, its sad and heart breaking.

    RIP Zed your an awesome boy I will remember you forever :(
  4. Roleysgirl

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    I know of two zedrich's and they were both BIG, with huge warmblood style movement and incredibly bold jumpers. Was hoping to get one myself one day, sorry to hear he is no longer around :(
  5. misskel

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    OMG my yearling went around Ascot today for the first time and he was a SUPERSTAR!!!! Love him so so much!

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