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Discussion in 'Horse Riding' started by GoneRama, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. GoneRama

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    This time last year, during my few months break from The Top End, my mother and I picked up a rather nice little 3 year old Welsh x Arab filly for me to break in for some people, I think I did a thread about her at the time so thought I'd do a bit of an update :)

    From the moment I walked into the paddock to catch this filly I knew she was going to be something special.

    Her owners knew zilch about horses and had bought this unbroken young horse thinking that it would be a great idea for said filly and wife of the household to learn together ***head desk*** They'd already spent a considerable amount of money having this filly handled and she'd returned with reports that she was untrainable, wild and nuts :rolleyes:

    Well this filly was far from all of the above and walked onto my float within minutes of sniffing the tail gate for the first time and travelled home like a champion, a few days later I sat on her for the first time. Yep, really untrainable :rolleyes:

    Zara broke in tremendously well and I had a lot of fun on her. We had the owners come up for a few lessons and whilst I could easily get soft walk to canter transitions and pick up both leads, when the beginner owner was in the saddle however, Zara could barely walk.

    February rolled around and I flew back to the NT. In May I flew back home to pick up my car and float and in that time mum had seriously been thinking about buying Zara as the owners had decided to sell her. Zara was last ridden in the middle of February so naturally when I got home I had to see what she was like, after 10 weeks off I threw a saddle on and walked, trotted and cantered this freshly broken in pony around the travelling stock reserve next door to mum and dads on a loose rein. That sealed it, mum decided to buy her :D

    Last week I flew back home for a few days before Equitana to catch up with family. Of course I saddled Zara up who'd only been ridden barely 3 or 4 times since I had last ridden her in May. What a champion, think the below photos tell the story.

    Sorry for the little brag, I'm just so far out proud of how this pony has come along and incredibly happy that mum has bought her.

    First ride.

    Out for a cruise not long after she was broken in.

    With her original owner in the saddle, yep, Zara pony is going to sleep
  2. GoneRama

    GoneRama Gold Member

    Last hoon on Zara before returning to the NT in Feb.

    Hadn't been ridden in 10 weeks.

    Lookout, it's about to explode!

    And last week.

    Jumping style or lack thereof from both horse and rider.


    Please note, last 3 photos were taken by my mother from on top of my 16hh QH cross gelding so were kinda taken from above.
  3. GoneRama

    GoneRama Gold Member

    Zara cam!

    Rather cruisey.


    Mum enjoying her pony :D

    I think the plan now is to get Zara a little more fit to go for some gentle cruises around the Victorian High Country in a few weeks time :)
  4. mav

    mav Well-known Member

    if you get sick of her i know a little girl that needs a pony :)

    seriously though shes gorgeous - it always amazes me how different horses can be with different people :D
  5. GoneRama

    GoneRama Gold Member

    She is a ripper Mav :D

    Trying to convince mum that Zara needs to come for a visit to the NT for a year or two once I move into town. Even if it cost me 2k to get her transported up here and 2k to transport her home again, well considering the quality of horse I'd be getting, I couldn't buy something of that quality up here for 3500 - 4k. Well, I'd go close but you know what I mean.

    She's just magic to work with.
  6. Noelle

    Noelle Gold Member

    Great pics GR. Really like the look of that bridle. Have emailed your sister re products and price. Hope she is still doing it?
  7. GoneRama

    GoneRama Gold Member

    I'm pretty sure she's still doing them Noelle, she's just got to find the time to do them. She got a job with Forrestries NSW at the start of the year and far out I struggle to keep up with where in NSW she is at times. Next time I'm talking to her I will ask her about it. I want a bitless bridle for a mate as a Christmas pressie so will ask her about doing a bridle for you.
  8. Chardonnay

    Chardonnay Active Member

    Wow GR she looks great. Glad to see you had those trousers on, or I might have thought it was someone else riding her !! LOL. Great job.
  9. GoneRama

    GoneRama Gold Member

    :lol: love it Chardonnay :lol:
  10. nannygoat

    nannygoat Gold Member

    She is one corker of a peeony!

    Love ya work and those trousers...pmsl....
  11. Trojane

    Trojane Well-known Member

    What a great catch, joy on four legs! Congrats on being reunited :)
  12. maxntaz

    maxntaz Well-known Member

    Watch out, she looks like a wild one :)

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