Zara at Watkins - first ride

Discussion in 'Training Horses' started by Nicki, Feb 11, 2012.

  1. Nicki

    Nicki Well-known Member

    Ok so I finally worked out how to upload to youtube, here's my rising 4yo Connemara mare Zara having her first ride after a week at Watkins. So proud of my baby girl! :)

    Zara at Watkins - first ride - YouTube
  2. Silhouette

    Silhouette Well-known Member

    Lovely little mare, she looks like shes gonna be a real gem under saddle!
  3. goog

    goog Well-known Member

    Gorgeous, your going to have the biggest smile on your face, when you get to have a ride :)
  4. equislave

    equislave Well-known Member

    Lovely little horse and great to see what actually happens when the horses are ridden for the first time.
  5. sandy81

    sandy81 Active Member

    Thankyou for sharing this Nicki, I am sending my mare to Fred in a couple of weeks. Great to see a video of what to expect.**)
  6. Nicki

    Nicki Well-known Member

    Oh I couldn't recommend Fred more! He started my 6yo gelding who is a dream, and this young mare was yanked out of the paddock a couple of weeks ago after a year of doing absolutely nothing while I was pregnant apart from being led from the paddock to the washbay to have a groom and eat treats. I let her run in the roundyard then lunged her on a line in a dressage arena with no fence to see where she was at before I sent her away, and that was it. She tends to be a bit of a diva but once you start to give her work to do she's like a sponge and wants to learn.

    I've got some great footage of Fred teaching her to pony off my gelding (something I specifically asked for), but I have to figure out how to put it up without sound, there's loads of chat in the background.
  7. ClubIgnite

    ClubIgnite Well-known Member

    Good old JOL methods! Looks like she'll have a lovely soft mouth on her. **)
  8. Firedance

    Firedance Well-known Member

    You can see why he has a 6 month waiting list - 2 friends are on the list and don't care if they have to wait 12 months!

    I wonder how many horses and ponies have had such a terrific start thanks to Fred. Just love watching horses who have come back from his training almost showing off what they have learned.

    He would definitely be the best breaker we have in WA - that long long waitlist confirms it.
  9. Lauren

    Lauren Gold Member

    She looks like an awesome little mare :)

    First time I've seen any video of watkins breaking in... get why they have such a long waiting list! She looks so relaxed and took so easily to having someone on her back..
  10. Nicki

    Nicki Well-known Member

    OMG yeah, when my gelding came home after starting I was all "holy crap Fred gave you a perfect mouth and you move off the slightest touch of the leg and shift of weight, I don't want to mess that up".

    Definitely made me super-conscious of the way I ride!
  11. Natsky

    Natsky Well-known Member

    How exciting Niki she looks awesome! This was me two months ago all excited over the first ride. Hope she continues to go well for you.
  12. El_equine

    El_equine Well-known Member

    She looks awesome **)
  13. Elanda

    Elanda Gold Member

    What a good pony:D Is there extra bits on the full bars? They look really long';'
  14. Sugar's Mum

    Sugar's Mum Gold Member

    I would be very interested to see up close what is on her face. it does look interesting.

    She looks like a gorgeous horse :)
  15. WHH

    WHH New Member

    Bit question.

    Hi Guys,
    Gosh, haven't been on here for years!

    Thanks for the lovely comments, Zara is a beautiful mare and I think she makes Fred look good ;).

    In answer to the questions about the bit Fred is using on Zara in the video, Fred uses a lateral mouthing system and initially teaches the horses this in an FM bit, which is what Zara has on here. He puts plastic tubing on the bars that sit on the side of the horses face for extra protection which is why it looks so long.

    Once the horses have a had a few more miles, they usually go into a plain old loose ring snaffle but are generally first mouthed and ridden in the FM to help them learn the lateral mouthing system.

    Due to the interest in the video on utube I've decided to post some videos of our training on our website which I'll start to do in the next few weeks. Never a dull moment around here...........;).

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