Zamia Dressage/Showjumping Training Day

Discussion in 'Horse Showing and Events' started by crave, Mar 24, 2009.

  1. crave

    crave Well-known Member

    Ok who's going? Draw is up, big amount of entries. Should be fun, my first try of a Prelim test on my little showjumper...lets hope he keeps is cool. Going to be 35 degress...yuk hopefully the jumping arena may be in the shade by the time it starts! Good luck everyone hope to see some of you there.I'll be on my liver chestnut galloway with a white blaze...come say hi :)
  2. Northern Peregrine

    Northern Peregrine Well-known Member

    I'll be in Prelim 1.2 ( if I can get there by 9.00 a.m) and Novice 2.2 on my Warmblood. I was going to do the 45cm and 60cm jumping also but I had a fall while practising ( me and The Pez are not really showjumpers..although it appears that he is better at it than me :D) and am pretty sore from it, so may withdraw. Will see how I feel on the day. Not going to be 35 degrees now..only 26. By the way, what is the parking like at Parkerville..heard it's a bit tight.
  3. Wendycam1

    Wendycam1 Well-known Member

    I'll be there. Doing a Prelim 1.2 test but not until nearly 3.30pm. Hope it's not as busy as Riverside was last weekend. I turned up at midday and decided not to bother considering there was nowhere to park.

    Anyone know what the parking is like?
  4. crave

    crave Well-known Member

    The parking has always been an issue there, but they have done quite a bit of work over the last few months on the whole place. I did drive past the other day but couldnt quite make out what has been done except there is now a LOT of gravel. I'm a shocking backer of the float so if I get in I might not get out again LOL I'm sure I can con someone into reversing if I have to. Hope to see you there, oh and very pleased the day is going to be cooler.

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