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    We would like to welcome Yunnan Baiyao as a sponsor and advertiser on Stockyard.

    Yunnan Baiyao, also known by many other names including Yunnan Paiyao, is a hemostatic over-the-counter medicinal product made of 100% natural ingredients. This 'miracle drug' was developed in Yunnan, China by the doctor Qu Huangzhang and is said to have a reputation equal to that of penicillin in the United States of America. Yunnan Baiyao was introduced to the West during the Vietnam War when American soldiers noticed Vietcong members wearing vials of the powder around their necks; they then discovered that the powder was used topically to stop the bleeding from bullet and knife wounds, thereby preventing them from bleeding out before getting medical attention. It was then dubbed ?the white medicine of Yunnan?. Many other such anecdotes exist, such as the story of the army commander Wu Xuexian who was saved from almost certain leg amputation in the 1940s after being treated with this wondrous herbal medicine.Scientific studies have been conducted which produced some interesting and positive findings. One such study proved that Yunnan Baiyao reduces the clotting time of blood by 33% to 55% in both humans and animals.

    Website: Yunnan Baiyao Powder-Chinese Medicine For Horses

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