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Discussion in 'Horse Riding' started by Rikki+Sasha, Jan 23, 2009.

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    Hey mods sorry if this is in the wrong section I presumed it would be in horse riding as all the vids are ridden ones but if not can you please re-locate it for me ???

    Western- this stuff is amazing it makes me want to get into this style of riding so much more!!
    YouTube - reining at its best...

    Showjumping (maybe one day *sigh*)
    YouTube - Show Jumping

    Dressage this stuffs beautiful

    and of course the thrills of horse riding also brings spills...
    Barrel racing- what not to do.
    its very funny (not being rude to the riders)
    YouTube - Barrel Racing 101- What not to do!

    Video containing multiple disciplines such as;
    Dressage, SJ, Western, Barrels, Racing, Carts.
    worth watching- all the way through.
    **WARNING** swearing towards the end of the video clip in the music
    YouTube - ??????g ?? ??? ???? ?? ?q???????????

    feel free to add yours would love to see more :)
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    I saw this video a while ago and OMG that horse is AMAZING and just seems to love it! Awesome Video!**)
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    wow cas25 i think i might try to run with toffee ova a jump see what he does haha but that video is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ima try that what i said it mightwork because lately toffee has been very protective ova me he shakes his head up & down at people and his ears are back nostrule and all and my mum said he trying to protect me!
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