your way of riding:)

Discussion in 'Horse Riding' started by Dizzy_8, May 1, 2009.

  1. Dizzy_8

    Dizzy_8 Well-known Member

    what si your way of riding??

    well mins used to be position position position lols, and still is when im working on something, btu as of late i have got a huge confidence boost and love hooning!!

    ive attempted galloping, how ever miserably failed.....jet doesnt have gallop in him, we cantered down the crop i pulled him around for gallop, he got about 3 strides, and concked out lols:p

    i dont have the risk fo flat pack bolting hehe.

    anyways show some pics of you and your horse doing what you love best!!

  2. snoopydoo

    snoopydoo Well-known Member

    No pics I'm afraid, but Indy and I love a plod around in the bush. I generally ride her on the buckle - v relaxed and she is so nosy. She looks up everyones driveway we pass and tries to walk up them. her head is constantly turning to see what's going on. She loves to hoon but I don't often let her as I ride out with my daughter sometimes and I don't want Indy to get the idea that she gets a canter at certain places! I'm a mean mum
  3. Lil Dove

    Lil Dove Well-known Member

    Hi guys, i have a confession to make..

    Im a hoon too! *#)
    Dove nd i both lovvvvvvvvvve galloping hehe Its the best adrenalin rush haha But a nice sloww ride in the bush, on the buckle is always relaxing!

    I dont really worry much about my position haha Unless im at a comp.. but i kinda ride like a.. ermm.. crazy person shall u call it? When at high speeds LOL
    For example - barrel racing... I often loose both stirrups, and end up flapping my arms and legs around, to make dove faster haha not the most attractive look, i must say :}

    Anyways i love riding bareback too! And latley tackless bareback. Its great fun, knowing you have that bond and trust with your horse!

    I spose you want some pics lol

    These were from Quindanning Races. (Barrel Race)


  4. My way of riding is calming, quiet aids, soft hands and continually striving for better, lighter, softer, stronger. I do a lot of schooling and training mixed with bush rides - all my riding style is aimed at relaxing a horse and bringing it on to refinement as far as I can take it.

    I don't hoon except for the odd gallop on a trail ride or a spin around an XC course... most of the horses I ride are anxious, nervous, green or OTT!!
  5. amber sunday

    amber sunday Well-known Member

    PMSL!! you should have seen yourself from behind in barrel racing at wally.. i almost fell off i was laughing so hard.. and then i did fall off(nto from laughing though..:p) both stirrups flying, arms and legs flappinf with huuuuge"pony club" kicks lol... its like th only time your postions ermm...not so good:p
    well.. i dont really have a style lol, sunny doesnt much like hooning, we're not very good t dressage or jumping.... but we have a go at evreything lol.. so i guess that us.. the try hards:p*#)
  6. blitzen

    blitzen Gold Member

    i have lately figured out how to ride my big boy. FORWARD. he likes a solid inside leg/outside rein to keep him out of giraffe mode, but i've sussed out that freaking out and jamming up if he shies/surges forwards will only result in a fight, so i have started to drive him forward instead. we do lots of cantering & jumping little grids & fun stuff now at the START of my ride, rather than working up to it thru w/t/c. i also find i am THINKING a lot more riding him - if he does X what am i doing? he's pretty easy to read like that... but it's taken 2.5 yrs to figure it out. hahaha.

    my little standy tho is a complete bomber! on the buckle, plod along looking at things, then let him forward and we'll just pump along at a cracking good trot or canter on the buckle for ages. he's a total champ. really helped me grow some balls to ride my chestnut better.
  7. chavi

    chavi Well-known Member

    *steals blitzen's standy* :D

    I change depending on which horse I am riding. In the bush I tend to sit deep and quiet in the saddle as we a prone to going sideways without warning at any time. In a lesson/arena I work on my position more as the arena is a 'safe' place and not spooky. I don't hoon a great deal as I don't have the balls to do it, don't have very good breaks on the horse I ride in the bush unfortunately, which is a little sad as I'd love to have a horse I can hoon comfortably on.
  8. Lil Dove

    Lil Dove Well-known Member

    LOL at you caris!! Yeah.. trying to get lazy moving.. hehehe The only time she dosn't go "fast" is at the actual event *rolls eyes* lol

    And My A** your not very good at dressage!?! From what i'v seen you guys look really good! Plus you always get a better score than me hehe :)*
    And we all know Sunny can jump up to 1.20m easily.. I think he just freaks out when he see's all these jumps in the arena, which obviously means hard work *#)
  9. amber sunday

    amber sunday Well-known Member

    yes... good at dressage *cough*
    ohh and i knwo the talents there lol... but unless we start at trot poles over evry jump, putting them up like one hole at a time to get to biiig jumps, we never even gonna get around a course of 60... but he is relatively ok at (low grade) xc :) he stops aaand goes:D silly pony...
  10. Cheeki

    Cheeki Gold Member

    I've introduced small, controlled hoons into my horses work.

    We start off with a trail ride around the farm, ended with a canter (or in Hons case flat out gallop) up a smallish slant/hill. We do some work on the hill before starting our flat work ..

    I use this to help Hon get out some steam (hehe) before the nitty gritty stuff (she's not a fan on flat work) and for Jed I use it to help kickstart the back engine .. as he's not the fastest ottb I've ever ridden .. bit casual :}

    My horses really look forward to hil work! I haven't ridden Hon in a few weeks and jumped on today (My HB has been riding her).. MAN has she got a power engine back there .. flogged Jed no worries! I didn't even hear her feet hit the ground the whole hoon :p Hunnibum rode Jed .. he enjoyed every stride up that hill.

    It really wakes him up, and his flat work has more impulsion and direction .. after this we get to the nitty gritty work outs .. but we break it up with short canters or hill work .. keeps Jeds young mind on the job, and keeps Hon sain! :))

    But my riding is about improving my riding and the horses training .. but also keeping it fun for everyone involved :) Seems to be working so far :)
  11. QH Rulz

    QH Rulz Well-known Member

    My style is Western.... love going slow.... i've never been a hooner, and dont even like going fast in a car. Cant do show rides where there is fast movement *#)
    In western i can go slow in all speeds... lol.
    But do have to work on my position as well.. Lift Hands and Sit up straight!:eek:

    Me doing what i love.
  12. ASH lover

    ASH lover Well-known Member

    I ride with least interference with the horse as possible - my mare is really tuned in and I can just think trot as she will.
    When out pleasure riding which is 90% of the time - I very rarely have a contact and she slows and steers through my body language (and voice, if required). When she has a contact she knows it is time to 'work' whether a dressage test, jumping, or campdrafting!
    My little mare is versatile and a real one in a million - she just LOVES doing stuff - so riding her is easy!
    As I have got older (and my back has suffered far too many injuries) I refuse to ride anything I don't feel safe on - so whilst I am happy to have a hoon, it has to be on someting I feel is 100% safe - I've turned into a woos!
  13. Shandeh

    Shandeh Well-known Member

    Bahahahaha on Sugar my day is a bit of lunge work followed by another warmup riding out and sometimes a bit of a hoon when she's warmed up, then work with a 'contact' which is actually pretty long as she takes up a lot of length of rein. On Latte it's going to be flatwork flatwork flatwork for a while until he has the suppleness and balance for jumping. Even then it's just going to be a ton of trot poles and small crosses for a while, before we build up to anything big. Hooning is likely out of the question because he's such a slug but I'll try!!

    We'll definitely do at least a couple of rides out a week, but with Latte my goal is excellence (whereas however lovely Sugar is we all know she's never going to get there, she's just too old with too many bad habits to break) so the work paddock will be well-used.

    The main goal with all the emphasis on flatwork is to get him to love jumping even more when we start doing it because it'll be something different and new, and we won't completely concentrate on jumping once that gets going. Of course it's also to have him going beautifully on the flat as well because I intend to do ODEs and maybe move up to more difficult eventing, so the dressage part of it will be pretty important.

    Basically for me it's going to be training for competition. Whether or not we actually get to compete might be debatable (if only for our lack of spare money and horse float) but it's my aim. And the reason why I talked Mum into buying me a really nice helmet.

    ...And also the reason why I'm trying to get Mum to buy me a dressage saddle and an all-purpose or jumping saddle (either or lol doesn't matter to me except that I'll just need to get a jumping saddle in the future anyway)
  14. Dashbabe

    Dashbabe Well-known Member

    When I ride dash at home, on a normal day its flatwork, working on 15-20m circles with him in the correct frame (as I've been told this is something to work on so our extentions will be better :) ) we do lots of trot but mix it in with some canter/walk trans :D

    then we do canter work, i practise simple changes first, then ask for flying changes over poles :D

    If I jumped him the day before I wont jump, I will do some work on leg yeilding/serpentines ect, then take him out for a trail ride, and maybe go for a fast canter/gallop

    If its a jumping day then we warm up poles again then gradually build it up, we do grids and i practise my position (my legs are shocking atm!!) then we put a few small courses together and cool down on a trail ride :D

    and then theres the days when i cant be bothered and just go out for a trail ride/hoon :p
  15. Dizzy_8

    Dizzy_8 Well-known Member

    i so wish i had a fast horse lols:p

    jet gets his but whooped when hes hooning with his mates, i like my plod, but if we are out int he crop and some one decides to gallop, he tries to lol, gets a stride or 2 then concks out to nice slow canter:)
  16. Bon & Ted

    Bon & Ted Guest

    hehe flatwork flatwork flatwork *#) Poor Jingy

    atm I am working on softness, suppleness, strength and fitness. Right now I am doing a heap of work on the right lead (her weak side).

    When we are going well and I have achieved what I want I take Jingles out for a good controlled trot or canter along the fire break, longer contact but not on the buckle because she is still working, and we just let off some steam. She LOVES it. Occasionally I break up the session with jumping in and out of a ditch **cough about 30 cm's cough** LOL

    I seriously can't wait until I get a "real" saddle rather than this treeless, it really is holding me back. I want to do faster work but I'm finding it to difficult with this saddle.

    I'll maybe do a few hack days and dressage training days this year and next year is competition year!!!
  17. Babe the standy ROCKS

    Babe the standy ROCKS Well-known Member

    I`m currently learning flatwork on my mare Envy. We have instruction every week and we are concentrating on position, balance and feel. As Envy and I are both green we are progressing slowly but we will get there. I`m nearly off the lunge in trot. As Envy has such a big springy trot and I`m old and fat it`s definately a challenge but I don`t want to ride as a passenger but as a rider/partner with my horse. I`m loving it!

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