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    @) Well.. we have received quite a few requests for our shirts in some larger sizes and we would love to be able to help.

    We will probably make the 'Caballo' in sizes 20, 22, and 24 to start off with and see how well these are received.

    If this is successful then we will make more styles in these sizes.
    Now trying to decide whether to make them in Navy with White panels as previous or in Chocolate with Musk panels. ('Musk' is a deep rose pinky plum colour)

    So if any of you lovely ladies can give me an idea of what you would prefer I would be really grateful.

    Hot To Trot UV sun protective clothing for horse riders UPF50+ Riding and Sport Shirts and Tops
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  3. Nikiwink

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    I couldn't find the colours on your site (but am on a public computer) but i would definatly be interested as i currently use my work sun smart shirts to ride in :)

    Colour wise i'd like both from what they sound like :)
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    Thanks Nikiwink. The navy and white one is on our site but the other is still on the drawing board. **)
  5. Cadabby

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    I think the side panels are a great idea for larger sizes as they create a slimmer look.
    Do they curve inwards, or are they just straight? I know I have tops with both straight blocks of colour, and ones with curved panels and the curved panels create the illusion of a slimmer waist - and it is just an illusion, believe me! Lol ;)

    Here's an example of what I'm trying to describe (probably badly!)

    JB's Wear
    Here's the curved panel ones - I actually used to have these at my last school as staff shirts, bloody hot and stinky! Stuck to you with static too - yuck! But the panels were a good idea colour and design-wise.

    JB's Wear
    And the block panel ones

    With the colours, you would also need to think about whether a dark coloured panel or a light coloured panel is more slimming. I'm not sure which way this works, but I think it's a lighter coloured panel? Someone else probably knows more though :)
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  7. Ali

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    Both sound good to me :) I think the darker colour in the centre with the lighter colour in the panels and slightly curved in makes for a more slimming look. Also minimal 'light' colour means less dirt to show up :) :) (well in my case normally) LOL
  8. Horseagilitywa

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    Right next pay I will be ordering!
    I hadn't realised you where doing bigger sizes now... or at least trialling.

    Can't have white in the goldfields as it ends up Coolgardie peach :p.

    Yay thanks guys!
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