Your Thoughts On Keeping a Stallion Entire?

Discussion in 'Breeding Horses' started by Coliban Quarter Horse Stud, Jul 20, 2008.

  1. PPH

    PPH Guest

    Is this an open question to all or only playinBB and Razzle?
  2. The question could become open if neither of them survives a domestic argument!:)* Don't kill each other fighting*#) you two!
  3. LCX

    LCX Guest

    I agree, if they haven't got the whole package then it's not worth of breeding fugly.
  4. playin bb

    playin bb New Member

    well im not after a stallionand if i breed im breeding for myself not to sell or whatever else, but if i was to choose, id like something not too tall maybe around 15.1/15.2
    something with good conformation and good bloodlines. maybe working bloodlines like peptos lines or spinifex lines, but something different, not what you find every day!
    something with a nice build, not huge like the american breeds but not to small like some of the fine australian types.
    then last of all colour, colour doesnt really bother me if i get something with straight legs, nice head and nice build with the right bloodlines. i am not a fan of line breeding though, i dont see any reason why people cant find something with outside lines to break up there crosses a lil.
    thats what id look for in a stallion whether to buy or to breed
  5. PBB
    what breed it would be????? lol!
  6. playin bb

    playin bb New Member

    quarter horse of course, what use do i have in an arab!
  7. samm

    samm Gold Member

    Keeping your G/f Happy :)*
  8. playin bb

    playin bb New Member

    nah she wants an arab. i would never buy a stallion, id use stallions at stud if i was to breed.
  9. PPH

    PPH Guest

    Oh, having trouble deciding which breed huh? lol:p :D

  10. We are gelding 99.9% of our colts, remember?:)* I don't think PBB will be able to buy a colt from us.:)
    Cheers, lena
  11. PPH

    PPH Guest

    Damn and I had one and I gelded him lol.
  12. PPH

    PPH Guest

    Next year Brucey, JJ my cutting mare and Spice my halter/working bred mare will be served as soon as all the paperwork comes back from the AQHA.
  13. playin bb

    playin bb New Member

    No we both do our own things when it comes to horses! She has hers and i have mine and we dont comment on what each other do! It saves any fights, plus i like quarter horses and she likes arabs and we both have our own happy little worlds within the same property!
  14. PPH

    PPH Guest

    That's the way to doit, getting the best of both worlds and keeeping the missus happy. lol
  15. mod 6

    mod 6 Moderator

    Ahhh....but just think what a great gelding he turned out to be....LOL.

    Hindsight's a ....word I can't use on here ;)
  16. Razzie

    Razzie Well-known Member

    ARAB what else would i buy?? as for what exactly, well me and my lil birdie (u know who u r) on the fence are in decision and homework mode, as i am not 100% sure what.

    A gun and a bullet

    and go back to the old days and russle me some stallions :D **)

    No we not fighting, we are planning to come ur way lena, oh hang on your not ment to tell your next victim that you heading their way.......

    whoops! :))

    here here i like you thinking *#)
  17. Hi All!
    I would love to meet you and PBB :)*
  18. playin bb

    playin bb New Member

    you met me at the last quarter horse show at SEC. would have to come out sometime and have a look around! would be a nice break fromthe city!
  19. PPH

    PPH Guest

    Well, though he is very nice , I would still geld him now as he was growing to tall for what i like and I bought something suited to my dicipline and my mares, in Hootchy. And although the TSB gelding is quiet and nice looking, he also has a, might we say, boistrous and overly cheeky temp, that was not suited to keeping him entire. Your so right in that he has made a much better gelding. No Hindsight needed and besides, if i want those lines again i'd go back do the same cross and hope for a filly. lol:)
  20. Remaani

    Remaani Guest

    My property is far from perfect, although Jet's new (well old but fixed up new) yard is very safe...... but im gobsmacked with some of the facilities people (not talking big studs here) keep their colts/stallions in.
    Rusty old ringlock (nothing wrong with ringlock except when its rusdty & old!) fences, uncapped star pickets (we learnt from that one in a bad way), behind crappy loose barb etc... or leaving them locked up in small yards with not much stimulation.

    I think if you want to keep a entire, make sure you have the facilities!
    Thank god i have my own property, like many of us do, makes life much more pleasant & easy. ;)

    I just gelded my Mini colt & had people tell me how stupid i am, he's better than his sire rah rah rah, well i beg to differ. ;)
    Plus, he has his faults, nothing huge, but i cant picture him as a stallion & he's already made a wonderful gelding & i can now be happy to have my sons walk him out.... although he's only 7mths old, as mini colts at that age they are & can be little shits!
    Hopefully we will get him out & add another to the very small numbers of Mini geldings shown.

    Got to have temperament, conformation, bloodlines & well looks always help!
    But then looks dont always mean much.
    I sold my Mini Pony stallion, Homer. He was strikingly marked (black min overo with big blaze & 2 blue eyes)... he wasnt much to look at, as was rather plain bar the colour, but i can safely say, his progeny are amazingly. Look at Zoo's Mini pali stallion by Homer... he's such an improvement!
    A stallion that betters itself, through his progeny is something. **)

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