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Discussion in 'Horse Showing and Events' started by holistichorse, Nov 8, 2008.

  1. holistichorse

    holistichorse Well-known Member

    The Summer Series is looming and in an effort to make it as successful show as all the previous years we are looking for your thoughts as we want it to be "the competitors"show :)* oviouslywe cant please everyone, but there might be things we haven't thought about :)*@)
    Some changes that are already taking place are:
    Trophies for the winners of the kids classes
    Walk Trot for over 18yrs
    $100 first place vouchers for officials
    Official Pony Classes with Trophies & a Leaderboard Trophy

    Give me other ideas :confused:
  2. Tallarook

    Tallarook Well-known Member

    are you talking about the Wanneroo Summer Series hacking or the EFA summer series dressage and jumping series?
  3. holistichorse

    holistichorse Well-known Member

    EFA Saddleworld Summer Dressage Series :D
  4. Tallarook

    Tallarook Well-known Member

    A thought for the prizemoney for the officials. At our show we are having $25 fuel vouchers for our champions (hacking)

    If you have a budget of $100 for the winner, my suggestion $50 winner, $30 second $20 third place? Winning a decent little fuel voucher is a gret bonus and could encourage them to come again.

    It is a great thing the summer series, just too hot for me this year with a bub, maybe next year.
  5. KPF

    KPF Well-known Member

    Too hot time of the year for us also, especially when you have to add travel on top of that, its a very long and exhausting journey. The beating sun is not too kind. But best of luck, I hear it is very successful.**)
    The timing of year is just all wrong for us, also with breed season etc. But will no doubt appeal to many others.
  6. holistichorse

    holistichorse Well-known Member

    Aahh I think you misunderstood me!! With the support of Saddleworld and other sponsors we are offering $100 for first, $40 second and $20 third :D
  7. Tallarook

    Tallarook Well-known Member

    Oh ok, good old Saddleworld (nagmart) they certainly have looked after the whole equestrian community of recent years.
  8. holistichorse

    holistichorse Well-known Member

    It's too hot for me too!! *#) but that doesn't seem to deter people!! Last year we got record entries **)
  9. l11leppi

    l11leppi New Member

    i think that the Official Pony Classes with Trophies & a Leaderboard Trophy thing is a great idea. asi competed last year on my old pony and we just got placed with the horse which is kinda unfair. even though we palced well agaisnt them.
    i will agian be competeing next year and i think that is great :)*, even the more reason to compete.
    one other thing will the offical ponies (if this goes a head) still able to be placed with the horses
  10. Charlie1

    Charlie1 Well-known Member

    Awesome if there is walk trot for over 18 I will so be there with my two
    Cheers Jade
  11. holistichorse

    holistichorse Well-known Member

    As official ponies have their own dressage card, then unfortunately no they can't compete for points against horses. You will be judged by the same judge but awarded points in either Open or Pony as otherwise it is like entering two classes but competing once!! Does that make sense?
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2008
  12. Wendycam1

    Wendycam1 Well-known Member

    I think a Walt/Trot for over 18yrs would be great. Even if it's just included for the first two days of the series. A chance for newbies to get their horses to the SEC for the first time.
    By the 3rd day of the series, most would be comfortable to do a Prelim I would imagine.
  13. l11leppi

    l11leppi New Member

    yer that makes sense thank heaps
  14. Valencia Park Monty

    Valencia Park Monty Well-known Member

    A walk trot over 18 ring would be great!
  15. horse girl Jess

    horse girl Jess Well-known Member

    Just a quick question about the Summer Series, do they have open classes? I didn't join PC this year (because of school) but was hoping to do the Summer Series, I'm not an EFA member either.
  16. TAS

    TAS New Member

    Rather than have it starting in the afternoon, and with the daylight savings its the hottest part of the day if is a stinker then just goes on into the evening, maybe you could look at having a 8am start for all the classes, and then more people might also come as it would be a lot cooler. I know I forecast watch when doing the series and if its too hot then I dont worry especially if your doing a higher level test.**)
  17. pso

    pso Gold Member

    HGJ- you have to be an EFA or PC member I think? (official and training tests)...
    TAS...Its always started at 8.30 anyhow?;)
  18. TAS

    TAS New Member

    Really, I was on at 2.30 in Jan, twas hot !! Didnt realise it started that early.
  19. holistichorse

    holistichorse Well-known Member

    I'm actually thinking of starting it at 7:30am but not sure if that's too early for some..... It started at 8am last year, it's just that there are sooo many classes that it goes all day!!! And that's using 7 arenas!!!

    You do have to be an EFA or PC member to compete for insurance reasons, but if you just want to do training, walk/trot or kids classes you can just be the most basic EFA member which I don't think is very much and is well worth it insurance wise!! :)*
  20. Janet

    Janet Guest

    I'll be there if you have Walk/Trot over 18.
    I would happily start at 7 am... The earlier the better for me. I hate the heat.

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