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Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by Sharaway, Aug 16, 2011.

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    I think a good relationship with your vet is crucial! I dont mess around esp as we are so far away from the vet. I make the call and let them know when I am likely to arrive and they are waiting. My horses never seem to like visiting during work times only late at night and Sundays seem to be a personal favorite for them. My poor vet had me sniffy and sobbing and sooking after putting down the kids pony recently. They gave me a big hug, made sure I was alright to drive home, offered me a coffee. I think vet's have more job titles, including counsellor and grief specialist.

    I do have one thing to say and that is that the vet is NOT there to educate your horse! Do your handling at home!! :( So many dogs of horses that are pigs to handle/treat and the vets get hurt!
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    I pity those of you who don't live in Serpentine or surrounding areas......cos my Vet is freakin unbelievable!!

    Everything you've all said and more.
    She helps at a moments notice, comes to the farm and sees as many as we ask- and doesnt rush things.

    Shes on my speeddial, and I'm on hers I think- with a picture!!

    so CHEERS to the brilliance of vets. And to their (the good ones) willingness to teach us something in every circumstance.:)):))
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    Like LNT we use the Serpy Vet, she goes above and beyond.

    when Snugs (my dog ) was not acting right i called her up late on a sunday night - she said it will be an after hrs call, i said she's not good - she had no problems meeting me a the vets at 9.15pm that night. the horses she knows lol. It does also help that she competes as well - so when mum and dad where away and dad's chi got bitten by something just take her to the event and she will look then lol.

    FUnniest thing was when she saw smiley in the summer not in work - oh so hes not always muscled and fit - previous to that she had only seen him during the season lol

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