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Discussion in 'Training Horses' started by Leon, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. Leon

    Leon Well-known Member

    Loose ring or fixed ring bit on a freshly started horse?

    What have you used when they have come back from the trainers, I know every horse is different and has different preferences but I need to start somewhere.

    So far I am liking the french link snaffle- but fixed or loose ring.. He currently has a loose ring Sprenger snaffle but I am thinking it's too big as alot of movement in his mouth and I dont think he is happy with it.
  2. NaeNae87

    NaeNae87 Well-known Member

    I prefer a loose ring french link.
    I think they are alot nicer on the mouth than an eggbutt.

    What size bit have you got him in? Also how thick is the lozenge in the middle of the bit? He may also not like the thickness on his tounge...
  3. Leon

    Leon Well-known Member

    Mine currently doesn't have a lonzenge, just a one jointed snaffle. It's a 5'5 which I am thinking is too big. Will get him a 5' but need to work out what exactly to get. Do people use a chin strap with a loose ring snaffle on the greenies?

    Thoughts on FM's?
  4. NaeNae87

    NaeNae87 Well-known Member

    I have used one on each of mine.

    Although not green broke, both were green horses, One off the track and one had to be remouthed as he had no mouth what so ever.

    I have a FM and chin strap/flash on the one that was remouthed, however... he needs the extra guidance that the cheek pieces of the FM offer as his mouth while improved will never be great.

    The other one goes fine in a french link by itself. I put him in a flash to start off with as i didn't want him to realise that he could open his mouth to evade. It is easier to prevent and evasion than fix it... I took it off him after 2 months and I haven't had a problem. I still use the flash at shows though just in case.
  5. sollywolly

    sollywolly Well-known Member

    Kat here ;) If the ORS is still a frequent thing then I would use a chin strap regardless of if it is a loose ring or fixed. Saves the mouth if you need to use the ORS...
    I prefer loose ring snaffles, simply personal preference. Doesn't seem so big in the mouth. Maybe speak to the breaker and see what he thinks will work and why :)
  6. NLEC

    NLEC Well-known Member

    Always a Chin strap on greenies :)

    I went most recently from an FM to a Myler MB02 English Dee Comfort Snaffle bit.

    However previously to this I have always used loose ring sweet iron, comfort thin mouth snaffles with a chin strap, then they were moved onto a french snaffle as they matured. Their really was no need for this - it was just the owners preference.

    I just found that recently. transferring to an FM, really made things more relaxed for the horses, but I was working with larger mouthed horses.

    And later, the need for the Myler was only due to the individual horse. Have now used that bit, I can see how it would be great for many - so would definitely consider it as a standard piece of tack to work from.

    In my mind, how it sits in the horses mouth at rest is the most important thing. Does the bit always 'turn off' when contact is not applied?
  7. Leon

    Leon Well-known Member

    Thank you for your replies, I am still confused as ever as when I think I have it right I get told something else!

    I bought a chin strap but do you think for the life of me I can figure it out, oh god it's like I am a greenie myself, I swear I am not :blink:

    I have an FM to measure up to see if it's a 5' but funny feeling it's going to be too big.

    He was originally mouthed in an FM and then went onto a loose ring sweet iron snaffle (still at the breakers). He seem to have no issues in this and had a chin strap. But he was in an environment he was comfortable in with an amazing horseman/rider..

    Now he is back with me he is in different ridden environments and also putting up with my riding. I try to have soft hands and clear aids but sometimes that can go out the window as much as I try my best.. also when I need it I want to use the ORS and for it to be safe and effective.

    So I suppose I need a bit he is happy in, will continue his good training, keep a soft mouth, a bit fool proof if my hands turn to poo and safe too...

    Too much to ask ';'
  8. wattle6180

    wattle6180 Gold Member

    I love the FM's and I like a fixed bit in green horses. My thinking - fixed = firm, loose = play/for refining (JMO!!).

    I'm rather baffled that you are even thinking of the ORS at this stage. :blink:
  9. Barney66

    Barney66 New Member

    Loose ringed sweet metal I prefer
  10. casperjesse

    casperjesse Well-known Member

    Trial and error, Each horse will be different. Jd seems to go better in the loose ring snaffle with the lozenge piece in it. It is the same bit i have been using on Beaver as well. If you can borrow a few different types and try them see what he seems to prefer ;)
  11. Leon

    Leon Well-known Member

    He has been taught to do a one rein stop and executes it very well.. in panic situations it's very affective and helpful to get his mind back to where it should be. I dont hesitate in using it for my own safety and it's a great tool to have.

    It seems to be between an FM and a loose ring snaffle.. then there is the with lozenge or without.. might need to try four different bits.
  12. NLEC

    NLEC Well-known Member

    Leon :)

    If in doubt - use what he was mouthed in for a while yet ;)

    Don't over think it :D
  13. retroremedy

    retroremedy Well-known Member

    Both my 2 year olds are in sweet iron loose ring snaffles with chin straps. ORS are key to our training, they teach and help create responsiveness to the seat, lateral flexion, suppleness and most importantly to give to pressure. At this stage in training you don't want to be picking up on two reins and having any contact or if you do ask for vertical flexion it is only for a few steps where they soften and then you should be releasing the pressure. Your steering should be via direct again no need to pick up on both reins.

    It is picking up the contact too early and insisting on a frame without the horse understanding rein pressure (ie to give to it) and a lack of suppleness that causes contact issues and gets people scrambling for a variety of different bits.

    Hope that helps :)
  14. Pugsworth

    Pugsworth Well-known Member

    I use loose ring sweet iron snaffle with chin strap, ors should be taught at the start, lots of lateral flexion with instant realease as a reward ,lateral flexion leads to vertical flexion Clinton Andeson teaches this, check him out
  15. MissDQ

    MissDQ New Member

    I start them in a KY Rotary FM, I like the cheeks to made sure we get steering going and I like the mouthpiece because it's soft and they can play with it a little. Then they normally go into a KK Ultra with loose rings and lozenge and a bit of thickness to the mouthpiece, most seem to like that one, otherwise it's the Myler comfort, thick hollow snaffle or thinner lozenge, all with loose rings. I've not had to have a chin strap on, they don't come out of the FM until they're getting into more 'grown up' work so it shouldn't really be an issue.

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