Your Paddock/DIY Agistment Experiences

Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by chavi, Jan 10, 2008.

  1. Nushie

    Nushie New Member

    I pay $25 a week for 2 horses. I have 2 x 8 acre paddocks that i rotate between (just my 2 horses have access to it) we have a round yard, town water, electric fences, locked up feed and tack shed (with lighting) and i have full access to 2 stables which i only use in bad wheather or if needed for first aid etc. The owners live on site, they arent horse people but they are very helpful and have made a HUGE effort to try and accomodate me and my horses. They even bought a slasher so they can slash the paddocks once a year. When they first bought the place, we found out through word of mouth, and enquired about agisting, there was barded wire fences and tap filled troughs and the stables were falling down, no power to the sheds.

    Upon our subtle suggestion that barbed wire was no good for horses, we came out a week later to find the owner pulling down fences and replacing with a solid top rail and plain wire below. He also put power in our feed shed cause we were up feeding at night during winter. He replaced the roof on the stables "cause it didnt look safe". Put auto fills on the troughs "they do drink alot during summer" and he was filling them up every time he was walking past.

    All in all we have a really good place. They have even order our feed so we can buy in bulk to save money.

    All up there are 40 acres, we have access to just under 20 all to ourselves. There are 2 other horses that agist there, neither have a shed and only one gets access to a stable.

    I have kept my guys there for about 10 years now and even though they still no nothing about horses, they try their best to make mine and my horses lifes as easy as possible.

    Couldnt ask for anything more :)
  2. kam

    kam New Member

    Well i agist in Wellard and i pay $35 a week for a shared paddock. The owners ocassionally throw some hay out for the horses and there is also a storge area for my feed. I go down about twice a week because i'm not very motivated at the moment as there isn't anyone for me to ride with.

    I've thought i should move somewhere with more people so i'll ride more but i really, really like it where i am so just dealing with it.
  3. snoopydoo

    snoopydoo Well-known Member

    I have my pony agisted in Baldivis (PM me if you want the number as she has vacancies) I have a reticulated paddock which is green all year. There is a shelter in the paddock which has a gate so I can close the pony in if need be. There is a large arena and a few jumps etc. Also access to Serpy river for a ride out. It costs $30 pw. If you wanted a wiwo stable aswell then it's $40 i think or if you want there is a large unreticulated paddock ou the back which she charges $20pw for.
  4. chavi

    chavi Well-known Member

    Thanks everyone, just catching up on posts because I've been away from the computer a lot this past week.

    I've got another question - How do you get on with rugging if you only go out once a day?
  5. Cheeki

    Cheeki Gold Member

    Hon's on DIY..

    I pay $20 per week, and have run of the whole place. Used to be a Tb stud, so still has facilities to use (can't use stables though, but Hon doesn't like being stabled anyway!).

    She has a nice huge paddock, plus has free run of the entire place if I want to let her out .. no arena, but large paddocks to ride in. Lunge yard, crush, wash bay .. Her yard can be shut down into 3 sections (small area with shed, the "balcony" from the small area with the shed, then the grassed paddock). Also the water is bore so I can use as much as I like :)

    Only downer is that there is no sand arena (wish there was!) .. the people aren't horsey, but they know what colic is, and they keep an eye out and there is usually someone there 24/7 with our phone number. There are 2 other agistees (4 horses in total) and it's great! Also 5 mins from work. If only I could find somewhere with an arena!

    Regarding rugging .. I only rug when I 'have to'. If it's raining and windy, she'll be rugged. I try to keep the rugs off during the day, if she gets rugged. I don't rug her ... she only gets rugged if we're going out the next day, or if it's raining/windy.

    If I'm working that day, I can see her twice a day .. if not, usually once.
  6. BundyGal

    BundyGal Active Member

    I pay $20 per week for 50 acres of grass. There not much in way of facilities but we have 3 smaller paddocks also and all with shelters. Paddock is in a gully so is green all yr round. Ample water and other ppl there share turns in filling up water etc. Crikey loves it there. They run in a group of 10 with no drama.....Also 2mins from my house so even better!!!:)
  7. snoopydoo

    snoopydoo Well-known Member

    The lady where I agist will take rugs off/put rugs on if you ask her nicely. I'd be willing to pay a wee bit extra for this. I only live 5 mins away so I have dashed down there to rug Toby up on the odd occasion when the temp really dropped unexpectedly in winter.

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