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Discussion in 'Training Horses' started by daniii, Nov 26, 2010.

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    thanks mirawee.

    so what's the difference between 'collection' and 'on the bit' and is there a difference? can a horse be on the bit but not collected? i trust it CAN'T be collected without being on the bit tho.

    cos the horse you pictured, i envision it as being "collected" (as well as on the bit, obv). i'm curious! the jargon is crazy.
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    Sorry Dannii, from the wording of your initial posts I assumed that you were looking for the answer here rather than looking for other peoples opinions after already having done the assignment :)*

    Blitzen, a horse can not be truly working "on the bit" without being on the aids and working from behind.

    Collection is the engagement and balance of the horse, and generally the more collected the shorter the stride with piaffe being the ultimate in collection with no forward movement (although the horse should be ready to move forward at the slightest aid). The horse above is actually doing a working trot ;)

    Oh and I am glad you didn't take my comments personally. Your boy is lovely and it is a common misconception that a horse being "on the bit" is purely about the frame that the horse is working in.

    Have a look at the EA dressage manual On page 28 (or 57 if you actually have it printed out as a book :D) it explains the training scale... interestingly enough head position is not mentioned :)* It also tells you exactly what the judge should be looking for in each movement :)

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