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Discussion in 'Feeding Horses' started by Exister, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. Exister

    Exister Active Member

    Hi everyone!
    I would appreciate hearing your opinion on what im feeding my boy, have had him for a week, unfortunately (and it wasnt really anybody's fault and i in no way blame the previous owner for his condition, long story!) he is extremely underweight.
    So i have introduced three feeds a day, each one is (and sorry this is in cups measurement)
    9/10 cups horse/weanling pellets
    2 cups bran
    2 cups soya
    2 cups crushed lupins
    then bucket is filled to the top with lucerne and rough cut chaff
    As much oaten hay as he can eat (compressed quality)
    he doesnt always finish the hay i give him so i have just been freshening it up so he always has a full blue tub (half a 44 gallon drum thin)

    morning and lunch feeds are the same, night feed has 2 cups alka pellets and he is getting psyllium to clean up any sand he may have...

    He has been wormed, 2 in 1 vaccination, booked in for teeth as he is dropping feed (i have been wetting his feeds and he is dropping less)

    So guys, what do you htink? anything else i should be feeding, what should i not bother feeding? etc etc :)
    Any advice is appreciated!
  2. Exister

    Exister Active Member

    Forgot to say he is a Thoroughbred gelding, 5 years old and a very tall, solidly built boy!
  3. Caroline

    Caroline Well-known Member

    If soya means FFS then cut that back to 2 cups max daily, not 6. I think you are feeding too much protein. Balance the feed on FeedXL and weigh each ingrediant also. **)
  4. JustJam

    JustJam Well-known Member

    How big is the bucket? That seems like an enormous amount of chaff (and feed in general) to me. And he is getting approx 30 cups of weaner pellets a day? Over 4kgs per day? :eek: (Maybe I read your post wrong?)

    And if he has been under fed, and then suddenly gets all this feed from you, it could cause problems of its own. :unsure:

    Bunnies posted this some time ago, and I think it is the best feed advice ever! **)

    As a consequence I amended by boys feeds (a 17 year old TB) and he has never looked better! :)

    2 x Scoop Oaten Chaff (800g)
    1 x Scoop Lucerne Chaff (400g)
    2 cup Flaked Lupins (340g)
    4 cup Gumnuts (580g)
    1 cup Copra (155g)

    3 x Scoop Oaten Chaff (1.2kg)
    1 x Scoop Lucerne Chaff (400g)
    3 cup Flaked Lupins (510g)
    4 cup Gumnuts (580g )
    1 cup Copra (155g)
    Big Handful of Sliced Carrots

    + Bag Supplements to PM Feed only :
    1 Cup Chamomile
    2 yellow scoop Biotin
    2 yellow scoop Minerals
    1 yellow scoop Glucosamine
    1 yellow scoop Electrolytes

    Free access to Oaten Hay in holder (he eats approx 3-4kg per day + pasture)

    * 1 metric cup Gumnuts = 145g, 1 cup Lupins = 170g, 1 cup Copra = 155g, 1 x lge blue scoop chaff = 400g

    Rev = 500kg.
    2% feed body weight = 10kg
    75% roughage = 7.5kg
    25% concentrates = 2.5kg

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  5. NaeNae87

    NaeNae87 Well-known Member

    I would play with his feed on feed XL.

    That way you know exactly how much he needs to be fed vs how much you are feeding him.

    That list you have does seem to be quite high in protein and it must be costing you a fortune to feed him!

    My two are fed
    3 scoops Oaten Chaff
    1 scoop Lucerne
    1 scoop Coprice M
    60g Equimin

    The only difference is my Andy X TB gets 1 cup of Weight Gain
    and my TB gets 80g Livamol and 2 cups of Weight Gain
    This is morning and night.

    They are in the paddock 24/7 and are about to get a Meadow Hay roll chucked in with them.

    It was costing me heaps to feed the pair of them before I got onto Feed XL especially as they were both fed something different. Now they are fed pretty much the same and I know their dietry requirements are being met, whereas before the amounts were all out of whack.
  6. SexyRitzy

    SexyRitzy Well-known Member

    Alka pellets should be 2 cups AM and PM ;)

    Drop FFS to 1 cup AM and 1 cup PM

    Get rid of the bran

    Don;t feed so much chaff and feed more Hay. Too much chaff and they wont get all the goodies out of the rest of their hard feed.

    Cant comment on amounts of horse pellets not sure how much 10 cups is. but if that is being fed 3x a day it seems like a bit much :blink:
  7. JP Red

    JP Red New Member

    I second JustJam/Bunnies. I've just had my (14yo) TB's diet analysed (im really not sure if im allowed to say who by ';') because im also trying to get weight on him. The diet they gave me followed the same ration/portion theory as Bunnies.

    I'm feeding
    (brand name suppliment) 20.0 g per day
    CopRice Rice Bran 1.0 kg per day
    Barley (Steam Flaked) 1.5 kg per day
    Lucerne Hay (Good) 2.0 kg per day
    Oaten Hay (Good) 3.0 kg per day
    Lupins (Cracked) 500.0 g per day
    Oaten Chaff (Good) 840.0 g per day
    Lucerne Chaff (Good) 720.0 g per day

    This comes to 7.56kgs roughage and 3kgs Concentrate (he's 520-530kgs, a bit heavier than Bunnies boy). I highly recommend getting it analysed (its free too) so PM me if you would like details.
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  8. Painted

    Painted Active Member

    You're better of giving him one cup of psyllium husk once a while than every day a little bit. You move more sand in one hit with a shuffle than a teaspoon ;)
  9. beaudacious

    beaudacious Well-known Member

    Firstly, cut the soya bean meal back to 1-2 metric cups per day. Ease off with the weaner pellets too as 30 cups is a huge ammount to be feeding a horse with possible digestive and weight issues. You need to be introducing everything very slowly as his digestive system will be very sensitive and any major changes could lead to colic.

    Personally i'd be looking into a better quality pellet. Something like gumnuts or trucare would be ideal if his teeth are a bit dodgey and alot of the hygain and ricebran based pellets are good for putting weight on without having to feed a truckload.

    Finally, i'd reduce the ammount of chaff you are feeding him as if his total feed size is too big (bigger than a plastic shopping bag) you will be pushing the nutrients through him before he has a chance to digest them properly. Just keep pumping the hay into him and you should start to see a difference within the next few weeks.
  10. Exister

    Exister Active Member

    Thanks for all the good advice guys!!
    Will continue giving him as much hay as he can eat, drop the amount of FFS, review pellet type and amount fed, a bit less chaff/lucerne, it was all introduced at a slow rate, he was fed the same things the weeks leading up to coming to my place.
    Will look into feed xl...
    He so far is bright, happy, interested in everything and everyone (except the dog...) and is a very affectionate boy despite his weight.

    Any other ideas or advice very welcome, I want to do the right thing feed wise! Obviously I was trying to pump too much in to him.. no adverse effects so far anyway!!
  11. myyky

    myyky Well-known Member

    I and a few people I've known have found rice bran based pellets very effective. Fitz was quite thin when I got him, started off on lupins, copra and lucerne but wasn't really gaining anything..
    Started on a rice bran based complete feed (Versatile) and haven't looked back. He was considered a 'poor' doer but now just gets paddock feed, a biscuit of compressed oaten and 1kg of Versatile and he looks great :)
  12. Exister

    Exister Active Member

    Thanks Myyky I'll look into that one :)
    Well everyone my big boy is coming along amazingly, his improvement in just over a week is incredible... we have guessed his height at 17hh :eek:
    He is gaining weight at a great rate. Upped his hay, less pellets ffs and bran, also less chaff and Lucerne as advised... thanks everyone for your input! Once this bag of pellets run out I'll look at introducing something else
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