Your first 'green' broken horse

Discussion in 'Training Horses' started by Leon, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. shann198

    shann198 New Member

    i ambuying a geen horse,he has been professionly broken in, and has had a few rides i rode him to day for the first time, and even though we were both a bit wobbly, i think it will be good, no dirt in him at all just an all round nice boy. He is 5 this yr, and he is my first green and young horse, so, does anyone have any advice please.:D
  2. NLEC

    NLEC Well-known Member

    1. Get lessons from someone you aspire to ride/train like, and whom understands what you want to achieve :D

    2. Always ride the horse forward. Ride into problems, and ride out of them. If their is one 'panacea' in this world - for horses, forward and movement is it.

    3. Pressure and release. Put pressure on to guide, and release 100% as SOON as the question has been answered correctly by the horse.
  3. Leon

    Leon Well-known Member

    Havent visited this thread for a bit.

    LOVE everyone's photos, updates and sound advice.

    Quick update on Mr Murph and myself. He has just come back from a two month spell. Wasnt intending on leaving him that long but life got in the way and in the end it wasnt an issue being there longer.

    He has come back hairy and needing a good wash/haircut but seems refreshed and ready for more work. He loaded like a dream (can be a bit sticky with this), he had his third set of shoes put on the other day and behaved better then he ever has before. Teeth done this week and all his caps are gone. Bridle, saddle back on no issues and some ground work done.

    Will be getting on this weekend hopefully and back into it. Will keep you updated with how he goes under saddle after his break and get some more pics!
  4. sollywolly

    sollywolly Well-known Member

    So how's Murphy going Leon?? ;) ;) :)*
    Think we need more pics.. **)
  5. Jess Ware

    Jess Ware New Member

    MCM Xeros and I :)



    Well Rossi and I have had a hand full of arena rides and decided to brave the bush tracks and roads today!
    we rode past everything you could think of: highways, trains, road trains, motorbikes, dogs, a forklift, a front end loader came screaming down the road at us! we even rode past the dreaded burnt out car and old dumped mattresses!:rockon: never stopped or shied away. so so happy with the start Fred gave him at Watkins Horse Handlers!

    such a lucky girl to own this beautiful young boy:wub:
  6. Leon

    Leon Well-known Member

    Looking great Jess :)*

    Ok some updated pics of Murphy.

    Went to a XC training day last week just for a look around. He was a superstar :D


    (Yes one stirrup is longer then the other!)

    First little jump, got a lot more flatwork stuff to concentrate on first before I do any more of this


    Totally pumped going for a walk around the xc course


    It's hard work being a grown up

  7. pin

    pin New Member

    Well, I had really hoped to be posting in here, but am flat n my back instead!

    Just under a month ago my green girl, just being sat on for a saddle fit, bucked me off and I broke my back!

    She had an accident in the stable a few weeks earlier, and she didnt have an ounce of buck in her while being broken in by Fred, soi am pretty confident that there was pain for her. Well there certainly is for me now!

    Anyhoo this hasn't put me off her. I am still busting a gut to ride her!
  8. Black Ice

    Black Ice Well-known Member

    Pin thats horrible to hear :( so sorry... glad it hasn't put you off though, can't say I would be the same to be honest!
  9. pin

    pin New Member

    Well I might change my time the closer we get Black Ice, but I really think this was one of those things. I think if I had been in an arena on a softer surface I would just be bruised. I hope that I maintain my enthusiasm!
  10. Paint8

    Paint8 Well-known Member

    Really sorry to hear Pin! You must be devistated.
    How long did your doc say it would take to recover and get back to riding?
  11. bigredeventer

    bigredeventer New Member

    Sorry to hear about your back Pin :( I hope long term prognosis is positive??
    What a great thread! I have just got my first green broke WB so hoping to add to this :)
  12. Starshine

    Starshine New Member

    Reading everyone's stories has encouraged me to join in!!

    In December last year we made the leap and bought Avvy. He'd been broken, then turned out for a few months, and at the time we weren't even really looking for a new horse, having just sold my warmblood as I was moving away from home. But we started looking at a few different types and then along came Avvy and well we couldn't very well go home without him!!

    He's been relatively cruisey about most things, has gone to pony club with no fuss, in hand games days, rides out by himself and with others, and just recently did a week at my instructor's to install a few more buttons for me to play around with.

    And pictures of course!!

    First Ride after getting him home..

    May I think..

    And fuzzy as they are off a video but last week after a week at my instructor's...

  13. Elanda

    Elanda Gold Member

    My first unstarted horse( now green broken) in 20+years.

    I couldn't bring myself to send him away so bit the bullet and jumped on myself after 15+ years of only having the odd ride here and there. Due to my back problems my friend Bubbles took over and finished off the canter and is getting the miles under the belt :D

    He has had about 30-35 rides since and including his first ride at the beach. He is a little superstar. Due to my work he is only ridden once or twice a week :)

    Photos from last weekend. 4th ride out of the arena

  14. Hank

    Hank New Member


    Well I have enjoyed everyone's stories so thought i would pop mine in I have a 4 year old welsh cob she was broken in last year almost a year ago. If I had to sum it up we have a love hate relationship. She is super stubborn and if she thinks there is a way to give it a miss she will try it. She was backed by Fred and since then has a couple of more weeks with my instructor. I find her so frustrating and sometimes think I have forgotten how to ride :lol:

    I am working mother with three young children two who also now ride so I am time poor. I have pondered on several occasions what I should do with her as I really only get to ride weekends in the winter however have decided you have to accept what you can manage and she probably works accordingly to the time I put in or I sell her. Well don't think I can sell her and at 4 don't believe she has had her fair chance and hope that one day my children can ride her. I decided not to beat myself up if it takes 5 years to achieve what some people do in 1 so be it. Also trying to makes some plans for next winter solar lights so I can try and work her in the week even if its just lunging.

    Until then will be perceiving and trying to get her out and about as much as I can.:rockon::)))
  15. Leon

    Leon Well-known Member

    Sorry to hear about your set back Pin, I hope your recovery is a quick one!

    Love the stories and photo's Starshine and Elanda :)*

    Hank- I love your outlook when you say you decided if it takes 5 years to achieve what some people do in 1 then so bit it.

    I also too was putting pressure on myself to not leave him for too long, to get education into him, to do what I thought best for him.

    In the end I realised it will take as long as it takes, he doesnt care if he sits in the paddock all week and he is proving to me that I can leave him for a week at a time- hope on and have no issues (so awesome for a baby!)
  16. bigredeventer

    bigredeventer New Member

    I feel this way also at the moment. I'm only into my second week of owning my new young holsteiner but he isn't going to develop as fast as some others and I'm okay with taking it slow! I think it's important to go at your (and their) own pace. No matter how much peer pressure you get given (in my case) :p

    It's a strange feeling going from something you know inside out and owned forever to no balance, wobbly, very looky etc

    Now time to look for a good flat work instructor that travels to Bullsbrook **)
  17. Hank

    Hank New Member

    Try not to worry what other people say although sometimes difficult as horse people are generally degree qualified in giving out advice IMO.

    No balance, wobbly and looky sounds familiar :))
  18. Leon

    Leon Well-known Member

    Hoped on my 'little orange' after having a week off bareback for the first time.. just went for a plod around the property and he was a super star. Not finding much that this little fella cant handle at the moment, really proud of him and also VERY happy with how he was started :)*
  19. bigredeventer

    bigredeventer New Member

    Took my young warmblood out on a trail ride on sunday for the first time ever. Never been on the road, past cows, into the bush - he was amazing! even led the group the whole way and wasn't upset by his martingale that got loose and flapped around. Best part was we mounted totally still, first time! All those patient circles have paid off :) great feeling!
  20. Leon

    Leon Well-known Member

    Adult riders on the weekend, only been once before and that was in March (last time he was out under saddle) so very happy with his behaviour! First ride in the rain as well. Doing so well for just 5 months under saddle :wub:





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