Your first 'green' broken horse

Discussion in 'Training Horses' started by Leon, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. Lucy11

    Lucy11 Active Member

    Oh Leon, I understand your excitement. Sounds like you had a great ride. Can't wait to have a lesson. Lucky your boys leg is ok.

    Heidi (my girl) had her teeth done today and turns out she had some really sharp teeth that had caused some ulcers, poor girl. So she might be less sensitive next time than I thought. Feel terrible, I had her teeth done six months ago, amazing how fast they grow.

    Not sure if Im brave enough to put up ridden photos yet, but ill see if I can get some of her to show. Let me know how your trail ride goes. Have fun :)
  2. pin

    pin New Member

    Loving this thread too!

    My mare is off to Fred in 2 months, and I hope we look half as good when she comes home as you do!
  3. Black Ice

    Black Ice Well-known Member

    Delta, my "greenie" is much more testing than Teddy, who was my first. Teddy was a dream to work with the entire time, though I did get him as a yealing, while Delta is a huge green 3yr old with attitude to boot!

    I was going to do most of the work with her myself, but have conceded that I need help so she's off to Fred the start of April... might see you there pin!
  4. pin

    pin New Member

    That's exciting Black Ice! Pan now going mid April instead of mid march, so not sure, but maybe?
  5. Leon

    Leon Well-known Member

    About time to update I think! How is everyone's greenies going? both young and old?

    So much to say here! So I left off after our first lesson together. Since that first lesson we did several other flatwork lessons, went to a mini clinic at a friends house and had our first group lesson, jumped over our first cross rail, went to adult riders and did a jumping lesson (poles) and a flatwork lesson, beach trips and trails rides with other horses!

    Phew I did do a fair bit with him! He was a superstar through it all, we hit a roadblock as we all do but it was more like a human/rider error. I swear this horse will teach me more then any other horse I have encountered in my life. Luckily my instructor helped me realised what I was doing wrong and we continued on the right path.

    2 weeks ago we had a refresher with his breaker (was a great thing to do) so I could quiz him on ground work stuff I was getting wrong and he moved into what I should be doing with him next riding wise. Also I was sooooo happy to hear that his breaker was really happy with how we were going :)

    After that recap I put him on spell to have a bit of a break. So he had 1 month at the breakers, 2 months with me and now will be out for around 6-8 weeks. He is in a very large paddock with a group in the most natural settings you can imagine for a horse. I went to visit on Monday and he is SO happy and content there.. time for him to digest his last few months of training and hopefully grow a bit more.

    Have heaps of photo's but will need to upload on my home computer- so stay tuned.
  6. GoneRama

    GoneRama Gold Member

    Looking forward to seeing those pics Leon. Sounds like you're having a ball.

    And if anyone wants to know what they should do with a green broke horse when it comes back from the breakers one only needs to refer to your post ^^^^^^ Brilliant!
  7. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    My greenie breaker is now just a greenie and doing very well. We attended our first ridden show together to come away with Supreme Ridden Purebred and Ultimate Arabian.
    Towards the All Arabian he became sour so straight after I gave him 2.5 weeks off and only just came back in yesterday. He's back to some old habits that require consistency and muscle.
    Still so green and a long way to go but he's come so far from the little breaker he was! To think once you couldn't mount this horse when you took him in public and he also had a terrible canter.

    First ride-




  8. Leon

    Leon Well-known Member

    Murphy spam coming up... just hope the photo's arent too big.

    First mini clinic- he had been home for two weeks!


    First little jump at the same clinic


    First time ridden in a group at the same clinic- bit of a superstar that day!

  9. Leon

    Leon Well-known Member

    Another group photo from that same day


    Second mini clinic we did

  10. Leon

    Leon Well-known Member

    Cantering at adult riders.. first time ridden there and another group lesson


    Re cap of ground work


    Re cap of riding with breaker- had him for two months by then.

  11. Leon

    Leon Well-known Member

    And last up... him on his holidays- only been there a week and already feral.


    Very content and relaxed pony

  12. Bethy

    Bethy Gold Member

    He looks fantastic Leon. Sounds like you've got a good plan in place and that it's all coming together really nicely for you.

    I'll never forget those first rides on Hondy when he was 3 1/2. He's now 10 1/2 :) Times flies when you're having fun!

    Keep up the good work!
  13. Jess Ware

    Jess Ware New Member


    I've found it so helpful. I am sending my boy away to Fred and Rach next month and was wondering/stressing about alllll of this! feeding/work load etc when he comes back home

    i'm sure fred'l tell me ALL of this when I go and visit but i am loving hearing everyones experiences. :D done a little happy dance reading about Fred and Rach, i have no doubts about sending Rossi to them but hearing positive things about them always reassures me i've made the right decision!
  14. barragirl

    barragirl Active Member

    Sure does!! :)
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  15. Jess Ware

    Jess Ware New Member

    My boy Rossi on his first ride with Fred today, wish I could of been there but Rach has been keeping me well upto date via email :)

  16. pin

    pin New Member

    Lovely pic Jess!

    Rossi must have been there the same time as Pan! I just picked her up two days ago!
  17. Jess Ware

    Jess Ware New Member

    :)* oh im excited for you!
    I'm pretty darn excited my self and he is still there for another 2 weeks yet!
  18. shann198

    shann198 New Member

    if there was one thing you learned about green and young horses, whatwas the most valuble thing you learned or did';'
  19. old_mate

    old_mate Well-known Member

    What was the most valuable thing?
    That one persons idea of green may not be the same as yours....
    I rode a horse that was described as green and it did not even have a basic understanding stopping and turning. Sure you could sit on it but everything else was a total mystery for the poor horse.
  20. Lacey

    Lacey Well-known Member

    I've finally uploaded some photos to photobucket so I can join in here... Meet Dusty (Balcormo Double Dollar) hes a 2.5 yr old tbxqh colt though he's not my first green horse he is my first home bred baby and the second horse I've mostly broken in myself (dad has done some bits and pieces). He has been a dream to break in, one of the easiest dad has ever had the experience of, he's also quite naturally balanced with a lovely canter.

    First is a just cos I can, he's a spunky little man :D


    Second is his first ride out of an arena/round yard prob 6th ride overall (it was also dads first time taking photos with my phone lol)


    Third is his second ride out after a week off (I had to go back to Perth for uni)


    Fourth and fifth are at the Ian Francis clinic at brookleigh, he has prob had less than 30 rides here but he did exceptionally well (I had taken two horses so he was only ridden for bits in the mornings to get him used to going out) I prob should also mention he's still entire and was so well behaved over both days!! ESP seeing as it was his first time ridden in a large group of horses which included in season mares and other young colts.



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