Your Favourite Race Horse of ALL TIME?

Discussion in 'Horse Racing' started by Marianne, Aug 3, 2007.

  1. Marianne

    Marianne Gold Member


    Mine will always be Desert Orchid. He was a national hunt racehorse and I love him. I've got a video of his life and it brings a tear to my eye everytime. His story is wonderful. And at 27 he's still alive I believe. I used to watch him race in the 80's from when he was a very steel grey until his retirement and snow white and loved every minute of it. There was such an out cry from the public when the owners thought of putting him into the Grand National that they decided not to.


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  2. genuinesqueak

    genuinesqueak Active Member

    I still love Makaybe Diva (spelling?? heaven knows how to spell that name! But everyone will know who i mean, haha)
  3. bawtry

    bawtry Well-known Member

    GO THE DIVA!!!!!!!!!!!

    Makybe Diva would have to be my fav - we have a huge print in our dining room of her winning her 3rd Cup signed by Glen Boss.
    Amazing amazing horse!
    I love Sunline and Northerly as well.
    Who was the highest earning pacer in WA?? *Apparently* I sat on him at Glouster Park - first horse I ever sat on! Always start at the top I guess.... ;) Not sure of the truth to that rumour though!
  4. Liza

    Liza Guest

    Phar Lap, I love the story of Phar Lap ..

    And I like Rogan Josh, here he is on the Melbourne Cup Emirates Tour 2006, he stayed with us for a few days, beautifull horse.


  5. Spider n Toby

    Spider n Toby Gold Member

    My favourite race horse of all times, is Sunny aka Sunovabeach. Owned and trained by our very own PERSIAN QUEEN on stockyard!

    He is the cutest race horse at the stables.. He is so sweet and friendly and nibbles at your hand all the time.

    He always looks up to you with his big hairy ears pricked up and nickers with Zeph when he hears the gate open..

    He is like Sea Biscuit.. Atm he isn't doing to well! but just you wait very soon he will surprise everyone and proove himself.

    He is a big horse with a big heart..

    GO SUNNY! from number 1 fan club and carrot feeder:D

    pictures to follow soon
  6. Ace

    Ace Well-known Member

    Liza- you havge made my day! Rogan Josh would have to be one of my favourite racehorses!

    I also love Northerly, Sunline, Makybe Diva, Willoughby and Crying Game.

    My favourite pacers would have to be my baby Ivory Trader (rest in peace boy) and Saab, such a beautiful stallion.


  7. Noelle

    Noelle Gold Member

    Crikeys - how could I pick one, I was thinking Silver Knight but really it would have to be Gunsynd. I have a print of him in A4 size and he is rearing. This was taken after he retired. It was amazing really. I saw the photo in the magazine Post (must be back in the early 80s maybe) so I wrote to them to ask if I could get a copy of the photo. I was stunned when they actually sent me the negative so that I could arrange my own copy. Fortunately I did the right thing and returned their negative to them. A bit risky I would have thought, sending the negative to anyone.

    Northerly, Makybe Diva, Rogan Josh would also be up there, as well as the Phar Lap story. I dont know that I know where to stop .......

    Does anyone remember a horse that was racing around, looked like someone had splashed him with a drum of paint. Went by the name of Catch a Bird I think????

    Favourite pacer; Mount Eden, Dainty's Daughter, Village Kid, Satinover, Pure Steel. There was a piebald/paint/skewbald running around as well which looked pretty good.
  8. Elise

    Elise Well-known Member

    My favourite would have to be Lonhro - he was so versitile (could win both 1100m to 2000m) and he is absolutly stunning :) Can't wait to see some of his babies race!!
  9. genuinesqueak

    genuinesqueak Active Member

    ohhh and fav pacers!
    Preux Chevaliar :D
  10. GeeJay

    GeeJay Guest

    I have only just seen all this ummmmmmmmm me slow LOL
    My favourite has to BE Red Rum won the Grand National 3 times or was it twice, I was there the 2nd time he won it was mind blowing I led a horse up for the National that day and she fell at the secound :(
    Then there is Mill Reef, Grundy and Nujinskie (Spelling) all Pomie horses lost track now.

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  11. My favourite racehorse of all time is the American colt Black Gold. That was one amazingly plucky lil horse - his story always brings a tear to my eye... a true champion in every sense of the word.

    I've always had a soft spot for Saintly too... I guess I'm a sucker for the little horses with big hearts LOL.
  12. Jez

    Jez Gold Member

    If your a fan of horses with a story - check out the filly RUFFIAN........

    She could have been anything - fate however had a tragic and wierd ending for her and BOTH her parents....What may have been.
  13. Gamblin Paint Bred

    Gamblin Paint Bred Well-known Member

    I love Sir Tristram, he is my mares grand-daddy and I love my sister and her hubbys horsies too, Urban Chill, Lord Lonsdale to name but a few. I have never been to the races I have been told that the atmosphere is electric,is that true???????**)
  14. Jez

    Jez Gold Member

    Electric???? Theres nothing else on earth like it...

    I think I can speak for the all of us who own, train, ride, strap, pickup poop for them, there is NO FEELING ON EARTH LIKE IT....

    Obviously when its your horse out there on the track the adrenaline factor is amplified to a limit where i cant even put words to it....your nervous, anxious, bring it on, where is he, there he is, ahh today..(or not in my case last start lol) and theres this moment where it all suddenly clicks in....hey...theres 17000 people here today, this is being broadcast around aus and the world, theres people sittin at home with tote tickets screaming at the tv, and.......I OWN THAT........LET ME ENTERTAIN YOU YEAHHH!

    The best way I can try and put it into words is...its like being on stage or something.

    Just going along is awesome. I went today to see Morasco and support a few friends who worked with or owned horses running today and I LOVE IT...I get to play dressups and walk around in stupid cerise pink crystal dusted 7inch heels and talk and see people and chat to people and shake hands and even if there wasnt a soul i knew there...Id be still getting my heart pumping with the person alongside me on the lawn as they power up the straight towards the finish line.

    I propose we should have a stockies meet at the races - you simply CAN NOT go to your grave without going to the races at least ONCE in your life...that is far too beige...Come on down and be my guest..just not on a day when my horse is racing lol!

    BTW - You have good taste in blood...Im a sir tristram junkie...waited a long time but finally got one of his last broodmare daughters just a few months back - as a racehorse sir T didnt overly excel but as a sire of champions, he didnt earn that title year after year for nothing.
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  15. Gamblin Paint Bred

    Gamblin Paint Bred Well-known Member

    Oh it sounds awesome, my bro-in-law reckons its better than "you know what" when you horse wins. I will definately have to come one time, my Hubby is going to put our mare in foal to a racehorse next year we are still researching stallions at the moment, he is dying to have a race horse, of course I will be the one doing all the work but I don't mind, he comes to all my shows if he isn't working and horse sits for me lol. So in a year or three we may be standing next to each other cheering on our horsies, in different races of course hehehehehehehe.
    Jez is it a good thing to do some breed shows with the future racehorse when it is still little (weanling, yearling, pre racing) just thought it may be good to get them used to stuff???????????:)*
    Sorry to pester you
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  16. Marianne

    Marianne Gold Member

    Another great story, still unfolding would have to be Takeover Target. Bought by a Canberra Cabbie/hobby trainer for $1400. He's now and international traveller.**)
  17. Gamblin Paint Bred

    Gamblin Paint Bred Well-known Member

    I love my big girl she has produced two big beautiful Paint Bred boys for me, she is 17hh and so laid back and gentle, my daughter Annalise rode her the other month and she had not been ridden in four years, she was good as gold so proud of her and so lucky to have her. She has Sir Tristram and Amelia Heights bloodlines. I think they are good ?????? new to this. Also has Steel Glow, I just like the name don't know if they are any good, like I said I am new to this racing thingy.:D
  18. Jez

    Jez Gold Member

    YUP, there is nothing that can compare to it thats for sure ;)

    Ok...thats an interesting thing Gamblin....Do you treat them like a racehorse from birth or do you do other things with them? ive had examples of the good and the bad in both methods..

    First horse I raced behaved like a spoilt 2yo every start because he WAS spoilt from foalhood. I used to sleep on him, ride him naked (the horse not me) and he SERIOUSLY objected when it was time for him to go out and get a real job...he simply REFUSED to be a racehorse.

    Horse i have running now has always been treated traditionally as a racehorse from birth..he went through a weanling and yearling prep has been taught what hes supposed to be from a baby and is far easier to work with as a result.

    When they are in racework something different to keep their mind occupied is beneficial - my bloke MOPED and SULKED (so he should have too - i know I did after that performance!) when he got home last week from his race so he got taken out for a twilight walk and a pick of grass and a wander around the neighbourhood at ascot to brighten his mood up. Northerly did dressage lessons when he got too full of himself. I know Ice Magic was taken to pony club while he was getting fit for his preps. Depends on the temprament and workability of the individual horse I guess, but from personal experience....treat them like racehorses not best buddies from birth. That doesnt mean dont love them huge and cuddle but dont try the too soft and natural method - didnt work for me...

    Persian Queen and Samm may have better informed opinions than I do..i am relatively new to the game.
  19. Gamblin Paint Bred

    Gamblin Paint Bred Well-known Member

    Thankyou Jez I really appreciate the info, they can all be little devils sometimes can't they.
    I get what you are saying about horses for courses too. I will be showing my hubby this when he gets home in the morning (night shift) He will probably think its great no more babies going to show hehehe, he is very down the line when it comes to different things, he goes with the flow with my boys cause they are "show ponies" (and don't I know it bl#%%%$y drama queens more like it) so he is also of the same belief Horses for Courses. He adores my mare but ssshhhhh don't say I said that, and still doesn't understand why she didn't do well in racing, he has seen her hooning around the paddock. But I told him some do and some don't just the way it is.
    I hope I can ask more questions as we get closer to making out decision on Stallions etc would be great to get some second, third and even fourth oppinions hehehehehe.
    Hey the one you got running atm will get over himself and give you a good win I reckon, fingers crossed.:D
  20. Jez

    Jez Gold Member

    Sir Tristram crosses with Marscay......look at Bint Marscay & Tristarc, its a proven cross that works....still doesnt mean the horse will WANT to run on an actual racecourse hey ;)

    Racing is a very fickle mistress...i learnt that thursday when my hot favourite trial winning best bet of the day ran like he would have preferred to be doing dressage....but jeez its AWESOME!.

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