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Discussion in 'Horse Showing and Events' started by rbk, Mar 2, 2012.

  1. nannygoat

    nannygoat Gold Member

    It is also why they sometimes use a 40x20 arena - to save time - and how much fun is THAT to ride in PMSL!!!
  2. Purdey

    Purdey Active Member

    lovely rug Elanda! thats what I can do with my old ribbons :)

    I agree with you all. When shows are expensive and then your asked to help aswell you do expect a few things. Im mainly concerned with...
    Draws/helper duties out with ample time,
    The day running on time,
    A large warm up area,
    & Qualified judges for all fields.

    Ive only had a few case of the latter where in a freestyle dressgae test my 'theme/costume' was bibs with Edward Gal and Totilas and judge didnt know who they were lol! Also I dont hack much cause you dont get feedback and I can never tell what the judge is after that day, I have heard one say 'I dont like greys' wtf
  3. moodymare

    moodymare Well-known Member

    for judges to be aware and judge according to the breed standard, for the ring to be an apprpriate size for the horses competeing, enough room for all to be able to park floats
  4. LoveClaire

    LoveClaire Well-known Member

    I would like for there to at least be a gear checker and or a marshall or at least someone to speak to out on the grounds. Not nice for the rider to turn up on time and be told by judge they are to early cause other riders from previous class are running late, thats the marshalls job.(this happened not long ago)
  5. rbk

    rbk Active Member

    sounds like we are all wanting roughly the same things.... which is good.
    I dont believe that any of these things are unreasonable requests.

    as a competitor - i want to be judged by someone who has the knowledge and skills to do the job.

    I want organisers who have safety as paramount. For horses, riders, spectators.

    As a helper - I want to be given adequate notice of what I need to do and what time I need to commit.

    As a judge - I want to be asked with appropriate notice, confirmed closer to the date, given the details required to do the job (class, requirements, times etc)

    What i dont want..... having to ring at 9pm the night before to see if i am required... no marshalls, or marshalls who lack the experience and knowledge to keep the safety and harmony in the warm up area.

    Organisers who look the other way at misdemeanours because of "who" is committing them.

    I want competitors who are respectful and try hard to abide by the rules and spirit of the sport.

    I want a fair and equal playing field.

    What other thoughts do you have?
  6. myyky

    myyky Well-known Member

    As a competitor- I expect classes to run on time, or to be given fair warning (at least half an hour) if they are going to be early/late.
    I'd love gear checkers to know what they are doing.. I've been let through on my first ODE into XC not wearing a medical arm band.. Passed gear checking no worries, all they did was check my girth and that I was wearing long sleeves basically.
    I want to be judged to the standard of the competition I am riding in, and get comments on my test, and for the judge to also look at the requirements of the test.
    I want competitors that keep a respectful distance in the warmup area, and don't come up your ass when your horse is obviously having a spack -_-
    I want times to be out well in advance (YAY for Murray!)
    I want to have a good time :)

    As a helper: I'd like to be treated like I'm actually needed.. A snack and bottle of water wouldn't go astray for the 2hr+ duties either, especially in the heat.
  7. Excelsior Centerpiece

    Excelsior Centerpiece Well-known Member

    in hacking the horse only has to complete 50% of the workout to a decent standard... it might even be less.. if it is the best quality animal and moves beautifully- it may have a whoopsies but can still win.. **)
    some judges put more emphasis on work tho.. and hunters must always work beautifully
  8. Going round in circles

    Going round in circles Active Member

    What about in the breed classes I have seen a few minis go spacko and not even really trot to busy kicking, biting, and jumping and wont even stand still get a supreme when the other mini has good conformation and good behaviour and gets nothing.

    Have also seen in the horses one that is lame get champion and in some others the handlers can't control the horse even being dragged out of the ring for horse would not stop get champion and supreme.

    I just don't get it';'
  9. retroremedy

    retroremedy Well-known Member

    Firstly I am very grateful for any club putting on a competition because I know how much work they take, secondly I am grateful for all the officials giving up their time but here is my wish list:

    1. Draw to be put up at least a few days before the event
    2. Some consideration given to riders that are riding in more than one test, I have had a draw where I was meant to be riding 2 tests at the same time
    3. Adequate float parking, suitable drinking water supply, wash down area, toilets, and a canteen that is operating from the start to the conclusion of the competition
    4. A warm up area that is a safe surface and that is big enough to cope with the number of horses competing
    5. Arena surfaces that were not to heavy resembling a plowed field, uneven, on a slope, full of random holes or just too hard like concrete
    6. Qualified judges that judge with a positive and encouraging attitude
    7. Officials that actually know the rules, not just someones poor husband who is doing the helper duty
    8. Results within 1 hour of the class finishing (sorry I am more hopeful than pso's 2 hours)....I recommend any club having a chat to the Transitions Inc club to find out how it is done as this club obviously has a great system for getting scores up quick!
    9. No compulsory helper duty, because it causes point (7)...I would rather pay an informed person than stress out some poor obliging family member of dressage rider plus sometimes leaving a horse or 2 tied to a float alone because there is no stabling or yarding not the safest option or sometimes you may just have to head home quickly and not hang around
    10. Helper duties with some consideration of when the person is them time to warm-up, compete and not have to hang around hours and hours after they finish
    11. Presentations to winners of a class to occur a short time after the conclusion of the class
    12. Safe yards/stables that are big enough for a horse to fit in and free of sharp edges or elements that can cause injury
  10. rbk

    rbk Active Member

    Yep to appeciating organising clubs and officials and helpers and volunteers.

    THe intent of this thread is not to dismiss or criticize these important people.
    (of which i am pretty sure most of us will fall in to at least one of these categories)

    Its just purely to see what the competitors and perhaps parents/helpers expectations are ...
  11. LoveClaire

    LoveClaire Well-known Member

    ohh I agree with all those arguements and i would like to say PEEL forfill at least nine of those requirements to the best of my abilities. No club could or should take offence as no one has been named but I as an organisor of my clubs one disipline love to take things on board and learn what the people would like, cant fix everything but do what I can
  12. Bella2

    Bella2 Guest

    Only thing I wish Peel would do is fix some of the xc course, very boggy! & I wish the water was drinkable (though I get this can't be fixed).. neither of my horses will touch it so I have to bring it with me..

    However I do love Peel :) (ARC Member)
  13. Bella2

    Bella2 Guest

    As a competitor:
    Wash bays
    Safe warm up arena which are marshaled (hate having to dodge 50 other riders).
    A fair judge, I do believe they should be more lenient judging an E grade test than an A grade test.

    As a helper:
    Helper duties not being 4+ hours!
    Agree that a bottle of water would be appreciated in 40+ degree days when you're at a xcjj all day.
  14. pso

    pso Gold Member

    Whole different topic... The marking scale is the same...the requirements of the test is the same....the training scale is the same....why on earth should it be marked differently?? :}
  15. Melle79

    Melle79 Well-known Member


    If say your doing an unofficial dressage test, there are no champs obviously but I'd like to see more rosettes or just something a bit more than the standard ribbon.

    At our Swan valley dressage comp last year and we had so many comments saying our ribbons were nicer than the ones at HOTY! They really weren't THAT expensive (but we did have a sponsor) but when you pay 25-30 to enter a test it would be nice to get a rosette or something occasionally.

    On the other hand loads of clubs must have great sponsors, They may have only given plain ribbons this year but the prizes are awesome!

    But I do love wibbons :) with tassels :) shiny ones :)
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  16. Bella2

    Bella2 Guest

    I probably should have explained better.

    I rode a prep test last year, the only comments I got were, horse not on bitx5.. horse needs to be on the bit.

    It's a prep test??

    Another example is last year I rode a prelim test, I didn't understand one of the things in my comments so I asked 2 other judges. Both said that a judge doesn't expect to see ''this'' until Medium level. Basically, it came down to the judge was not qualified, had no idea, and was just saying big words to sound good.

    This is what I meant in my original comment, that a Prep, or Prelim 1a should be judged accordingly.. obviously the horse won't always be working as well as a horse competing at Novice
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  17. Remaani

    Remaani Guest

    As someone that also shows Mini's (Mini Ponies, Mini Horses & a Small Horse) - what you described, i rarely see.
    We must not attend the same shows. ;)
    Yes, usually in the weanlings there is some action, but my Arab Pony colt (shown at foot recently) didn't stand still in the lineup but he did very well, he wasn't trying to kick, but he did jump about a tad & not a full workout of trot - but a good judge can see past some of the mucking around. ;)
  18. nannygoat

    nannygoat Gold Member

    What you want to mean is that the show needs to use qualified/recognised judges.

    There is no diff to judging a prep test to a higher level for a GOOD judge.

    "Other" judges (and I have been under them) make you cross that you spent good money to get someone who only thinks they know what they are doing. These type of judges are invariably the ones who crucify everyone and belittle them with inappropriate comments.
  19. kp

    kp Well-known Member

    Or no comments. If a judge gives a five there should be a comment. At least the competitor has something to work towards, it's not so disheartening.
  20. nannygoat

    nannygoat Gold Member

    An official judge is encouraged strongly to give comments on this mark and lower - as they are red flags.

    Unofficial judges you just take what you can get and take what you DO get with a grain of salt!!

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