Your 2009 show season highlight.....

Discussion in 'Horse Showing and Events' started by Pinto Lover, Nov 25, 2009.

  1. F's rav dancer

    F's rav dancer New Member

    My highlight would be successfully changing from Breed showing to Official Dressage with Friso's Ravendancer (aka Basil) - when all advice was to go associate as he would never make the transition to official so quickly, however he soon silenced ALL the critics!!
    other high points from the year are as follows:

    taking out the AFWHS WA high Point Friesian Warmblood award for 2008,
    winning Supreme Friesian Warmblood at the AWHA Gala Showcase
    Completing a full year in Dressage at both Prelim and Novice... Oh no now this means we have to go Elementary next year .:eek:..(shaking in my boots...)

    Roll On January ...
  2. Lokenzo

    Lokenzo Gold Member

    Go BASIL!!!! Hope Kit follows in his big brothers foot steps :)*
  3. blondeshowjumper

    blondeshowjumper New Member

    My highlights of the year:

    *Reserve Champ Galloway- Busso Show
    *Reserve Champ Galloway- Bridgetown Show
    *Champion Hunter- Bridgetown Show
    *Finishing Yr 11 (yeah i know not horsey but still good, bring on yr 12)

    And watching my pony improve soooooooo very much
  4. NallaFortuneTeller

    NallaFortuneTeller New Member

    My 2009 show season amazed me, especially after starting over from scratch after ed doing both his suspensory ligaments in his front legs.

    We had a great show at Bunbury Ag Show winning Champion Rider + Supreme Rider then onto win Champion Galloway + Supreme Hack!

    Another highlight would of been at The Novice Intermediate show, which we won Champion Intermediate Hack!

    We had an awesome weekend at EWA HOTY. Where we got Top 10 Galloway and Champion Led Galloway of the year.

    And to top it off at SHC HOTY, we won Runner-up Led Galloway of the Year and was the bronze winner in the large galloway :)

    We won 4 rugs this year and i couldnt be happier with how great he has come back after his injury :) :)*
  5. Late Starter

    Late Starter Well-known Member

    Well done everyone, so many great achievements and love the photo's **).
  6. abi

    abi Well-known Member

    my highlight was London Park Warragul(brynn) taking Supreme at waroona against mature welsh sec D's , and he wasnt even 1 yrs old, and it was his first ever show.
  7. sherreem

    sherreem Well-known Member

    well done everyone, it has been great reading all your acheivements for the year.

    well mine would have to be Emma and Northern Status, "paddy" doing their first A grade at murray in october. they did a not too bad dressage test "well one of his best". went around xc with only a couple of time penalties then jumped clear.

    They won their first A grade and was runner up in the series. absolutely awesome.
  8. trail junkie

    trail junkie New Member

    my highlight was my first (and only) ever show with ellie:)

    we got 2 4ths, a 3rd (out of 3 lol) 2 firsts (the only ones in our classes:p) and reserve champ!

    she was so well behaved except for our last class, where she was a little agitated lol, still fisrt show, 2 years old was SO PROUD!
  9. zendor

    zendor Well-known Member

    This season I didnt expect much with both my comp horses out injured and ill I was just looking for something to take out abit.

    I found george and even I didnt think we would achieve what we have this year.
    I had No idea what he could do and started jumping 60cm and working on our flat work which wasnt that great.
    I took him to interschools about 1month or 2 after I got him
    SJ-2nd and 5th he was very good and his flat work improving still.
    I kept doing local shows and events etc
    PCAWA SJ champs- were he jumped very well taking a rail or 2 but we jumped 95 for only the 3rd time there together and went really well.
    then PCAWA eventing champs-My team placed 6th, george had other ideas at the water though...
    also won champion hack at busselton ag :eek: never expected and then went and jumped and played games :p
    We have gone from
    SJ-60cm to 1.05-1.15
    Dressage is much,much improved
    eventing he is going well and moving up now, We recently won Dardanup and were the only double clear xc :)
    I cant really choose a hightlight... probably doing our 1st 1.10 with only 1 rail
    Other highlight which isnt to do with showing is riding my mare who was out and having her going well :)
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  10. Roleysgirl

    Roleysgirl Active Member

    sounds like everyone had a successful year :)
    My highlight(s) were
    at Baldivis SJ day Roley(The Joker) completed his(and mine) first ever 105cm and when we placed in every C grade event that we entered even though he only came in work in April this year(after coming straight off the track)!
  11. Charlie1

    Charlie1 Well-known Member

    Locketts highlights would be doing her first showjumping show and getting a 2nd and 5th and her first trophy. And the best part was that she enjoyed it. In breed shows her best highlight would be doing her first ridden show and gettting reserve champion in the walk/trot. She was so much better behaved then I thought she would be
    Cheers Jade
  12. Coz

    Coz Well-known Member

    My show season highlight would have to have been this morning at the WAPA All Breed Extravaganza Show :)
    I took Charlie1's Standardbred gelding down for his first show, and my first breed show. We walked there as he doesnt float. He behaved so well, I was just pleased that we made it in one piece!!
    He has come a long way from the first time I met him, it was hard to catch the wooly bush feral!! But now he walks up to me in the paddock, loves cuddles and scratches, and has had a few new things thrown at him.. like lunging!!

    So, he went from this at the end of September

    Learning to lunge

    To this today

    I really didnt think it would be possible with "Sgeddy Legs" (as he was commonly known as at his racing stables), but with the help of Charlie1 and her parents, we did it!! Now to find some time to carry on his rebreaking!!
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  13. Silence

    Silence New Member

    You have done yourself proud :)) today Coz and Charlie1 didn't make to bad a job as a strapper for a change:p
  14. Coz

    Coz Well-known Member

    Hehe, yeah, she did pretty good!! The roles reversed for the last show of the season!! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to work with him :)
  15. tash189

    tash189 New Member

    Congratulations to everyone on their achievements this year, such an awesome thread.

    Well I purchased my little yearling Paint Bred gelding in March after seeing him and falling in love and haven't looked back since!!!
    I think we have both come so far together, everything in the western showing scene is new to both of us!!

    Our definite highlight of the year - competing at the PRAC Versatility show in October, our third show & taking out the whole 2yo Versatility against some really good competition, winning our first garland & buckle!!! 2 months later I am still shocked :eek:

    Love my boy loads best decision I have ever made, so looking forward to the day I can hop on his back!!:D
  16. emma92

    emma92 New Member

    Congratz everyone!!

    Mine would have to be wining champion gallaway at the Perth Royal Show on Willowcroft Garland. It was such a wonderful experience to be able to ride such a amazing horse!!

    Also getting as many compliments as we did with our baby- Wesswood the Boyfriend :)

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