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Discussion in 'Horse Showing and Events' started by Freestyle, Jul 19, 2009.

  1. Freestyle

    Freestyle Well-known Member

    C'mon guys! Isn't anyone home yet?? Start posting (once you've had a hot shower and dried off!!)
  2. Ltd Edition Madcow

    Ltd Edition Madcow Well-known Member

    I took Brown Foal who was mostly a good little munchkin although had a few displays of 'exhuberance'. Thanks to the foal wrangler and Gaia for their help (I pretty much just watched and played with Ashie:eek:).

    The weather wasn't too bad after all**)
  3. Spring

    Spring Active Member

    That's the way to do it Madcow!

    My mare won Supreme Warmblood Exhibit (3rd year in a row). Unfortunately we couldn't stay for the Supreme of Supremes.

    KPF's Friesians looked great and I also spotted a very nice chestnut three year old stallion-not sure what his breeding was though.

    We got pretty luck with the weather this morning actually with a small drizzle but that's about it.

    Was there a photographer there today? Who won?
  4. samm

    samm Gold Member

    Supreme of Supreme was Kerralyn Frasier's lovely Anglo Arabian Colt.
  5. Gaia

    Gaia Gold Member

    Some lovely horses there today. Ash did well, won everything in SB (hehe was the only one ) 1st BP Pinto, 1st Pinto Gelding 3 yrs, and reserve 3 yr old to Jet who ended up supreme so pretty happy with that. Lucy (brown foal) was a gem so was VERY happy with her lol, thanks Geoff! **)
    Couple of pics


    And miss Lucy
  6. Gaia

    Gaia Gold Member

    Thought he would have won it, he looked a million dollars **)
  7. arylin

    arylin Well-known Member


    Way to go Keralyn how many SOS is that for him now??
  8. Spring

    Spring Active Member

    Was he the dark chestnut?
  9. Lexie

    Lexie Well-known Member

    Great pic samm!
    Im an Ash fan :D
  10. Sorrel

    Sorrel Well-known Member

    Wahoo congrats Kerralyn, he had won 5 SOS in a row, guess this is now 6 but was prob more. :))
  11. Maree4

    Maree4 Gold Member

    No wonder he is absolutely stunning...
    I can't get over how much brown foal has grown she looks great.. Congrats Jackie, Ash looked amazing....
    Well done to everyone...and for braving the weather which turned out no too bad at all.
  12. Purrfection

    Purrfection New Member

    Yahoo ... Go Rex ... you are such a star.... must be all that love you get from the strappers at the redline stud

    Congratulations Keralyn ... another well deserved win

    A good day for all the Redline Ponies!! :)
  13. PINTO1980

    PINTO1980 Gold Member

    Was a great show as usual..Well Run..Thanks to the Stb's:)

    Grounds were HORRIBLE...

    Zayn was is usual self..Annoying the Sh*t out of me(still love him though)
    He came 1st 1yr Pt Stb Gelding
    Champion Pt Stb.
    1st 1yr Pinto Gelding
    Champion Pinto 1yr
    3rd Best Characteristics(Societies really need t give the judges Point sheets for this class)

    Bandit was a good boy..
    1st Best Presented Mini Pony
    MISSED his gelding class
    2nd or 3rd Best Presented Pinto
    2nd 3yr Gelding class.

    Well done to Everyone.
  14. Lokenzo

    Lokenzo Gold Member

    Congrats Keralyn, Rex looked AMAZING!

    Well I am VERY proud of Molly, her first show and she just blew me away with how well she behaved. Big thanks to Luke for all of his hard work with both Molly and Kit :)*

    Molly was Champion Yearling Warmblood and Kit who is going through a gangly aweful stage and won't be back out until its over went Reserve Champion Friesian/Friesian Warmblood Foal.

  15. Maree4

    Maree4 Gold Member

    The ground in the second photo looks like you are standing on a lake ..... great photos....
  16. Elanda

    Elanda Gold Member

    I took the lovely and very cute Jack (Shangrila Hot Shot )...big thanks to Bubbles for letting me have my showing "fix" :)*

    He was such a good boy (except for a quick "airs above ground" in the last class which took me by ) ...then proceeded to go back to being a very good pony:D :

    Yearling classes:
    2nd RP gelding
    3rd Part Welsh Colt/Gelding
    1st Arabian RP Colt/Gelding
    Res Champ RP Colt Gelding

    Had a great day and caught up with lots of peoples...never seems enough time to catch up with everyone though :(
  17. Dollar

    Dollar Well-known Member

    Well done with Jack Goodie, he is such a cute pony.

    Also huge congrats to Keralyn and Zander with Rex, he is a super stunning boy.

    I unfortunately didn't get down to the show but all the Youngstock by our stallion Fairlight Acres Riverdance had a great day.

    I'll let Serenity post her results with Brayside Shakira.

    Kelly's results with Brayside National Treasure were;

    Supreme Riding Pony,
    Supreme Part Welsh,
    Best 1 Year Old In Show, with sibling winning Runner Up 1 Year Old In Show,
    Runner Up Supreme of Supreme.

    Well done to all and huge congrats to all the winners.
  18. Webby

    Webby Well-known Member

    Well I took my little Cob out, who hadn't been out since this show last year.

    He was fantastic, well behaved and a pleasure to be around all day.

    Certainally kept everyone in our block entertained with his antics.

    He won his class, Went Champion Yearling, and Then Supreme Welsh C or D.

    Thanks to the Show organisers, and Huge Thanks to Samm for helping me prep him for this show, and taking pics.

    Photo Courtesy of Shooter Photographics
  19. OBHH

    OBHH Well-known Member

    Congratulations to everybody today, i had a great day.

    I was roped in at the last minute to help out after one of the judges didnt turn up:). Glad to oblige as i judged some lovely horses. I hope the judge just forgot and that nothing bad happened to her.
    Anyway congrats to all winners and glad the rain stayed away.:)
  20. mirawee

    mirawee Gold Member

    Dollar, congratulations :) I did congratulate the owners as well but figured you deserved a pat on the back as well as breeder and sire owner :)*

    Keralyn's boy is lovely :) He is actually Part Arabian though not Anglo due to problems with his mother's ASB paperwork. Would be lovely if Keralyn could get him transfered to Anglo :)*

    Diva was a good girl most of the time today LOL.

    She got:
    Supreme Palomino
    Reserve Champion 3yo Part Arabian (to Rex ;) )

    Don't have photos of Diva, am waiting to get some from a friend. However here is one of Madcow's girl :D


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