Youngstock Show - Results

Discussion in 'Horse Showing and Events' started by Teddie1980, Jul 6, 2008.

  1. Andhi

    Andhi Gold Member

    Aww thanks :)
  2. LaLiTa

    LaLiTa Guest

    Congrats everyone! So sad I missed the show! I chose the perfect time to roll my car, didn't I? So many stockies there, I could've met you all.
    Looooovely pics there, your babies looked beautiful. So spewing I missed it :(
    But congrats again everyone, looks like it was quite a day!
  3. JessiTrist

    JessiTrist Well-known Member

    Thanks for those Andhi, Chickie was so smoochy all day!

    JSP LOL We were drivin superslow, so it very well could have been us!

    Congrats to everyone, what an awesome day!
  4. PINTO1980

    PINTO1980 Gold Member

    Thanks Andhi...:)*

    Great pics as always
  5. Webby

    Webby Well-known Member

    Well I was there, With my little foal who did SO well it was his first time out, firsttime being a bigboy on the float, first time tied up to a float, and he took the whole day in his stride i am so pleased with him, even when he was so tired at the end of the day not once did he lash out (took me for a wonder though LOL) I couldn't of asked for a more well mannered pony, Mind you he did have a fetish for cameras!!! - they are edible aren't they???

    Any way I owe a HUGE THANKYOU to SPRINGBOK for coming down and maintaining my sanity (its a bit of a worry when the owner is more stressed than the foal)
    Without her wonderful persuassion to stay we wouldn't of won this


    Runner Up Best Foal in show!

    Winner was a lovely Rotspon(sp) Warmblood Filly

    THankyou for al the wonderful photos Esy and thanks for all your wonderful help.
    And thankyou to the Organisers, Judges, Stewards, Sponsors and the people who wondered around the car park letting us know when everything was on! - Without you and Many more there would be no Show!
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2008
  6. Teddie1980

    Teddie1980 Well-known Member

    Webby - that is one gorgeous cob you have there!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Spring

    Spring Active Member

    Andhi did you get any pictures of the warmbloods?
  8. Smiley n Me

    Smiley n Me Gold Member

    Well done everyone! Some fantastic results :)

    Webby - *drool* - he has grown up into such a spunk. I just adore cobs
  9. Golden Biscuit

    Golden Biscuit Well-known Member

    WOW he is stunning!! Congratulations :D:D
  10. Webby

    Webby Well-known Member

    Thanks guys, Teddie, your girl ain't that bad either!LOL

    Brynn is very special to me as some of you may remeber I lost his mother earlier this year, the day before what was supposed to be the little guys first show. I am just so glad i didn't sell him as there will never be another.
    (thanks Samm for making me listen to my heart not my head). It is hopning he will go on to become my pinup boy for the stud.
  11. Andhi

    Andhi Gold Member

    Spring I sure did :)
    I will have all the photos up on my website hopefully by tommorow night :)
  12. Spring

    Spring Active Member

    Thanks heeps! I look forward to seeing them :)
  13. Megzee

    Megzee New Member

    My boy Jaxon got Supreme Champ QH. It was his second show ever! He's only 9 mnths old and coped so well with all the other horsies running around him. He was very patient and very well behaved. A really good day :)
  14. springbok

    springbok Well-known Member

    My pleasure Webby :). Congrats on your results - Brynn is a real spunk. I'm so glad I made you stay for that class now LOL!
  15. JessiTrist

    JessiTrist Well-known Member

    Megzzz Yo were parked across from me, I was admiring your little foal, what a gorgeous horse!
  16. Wildwood

    Wildwood Well-known Member

    was the warmblood that got supreme foal a filly from narbethong?
  17. Spring

    Spring Active Member

    Yes it was the black foal from Narbethong (Rotspon/Hanover Park Majorca)
  18. Megzee

    Megzee New Member

    Aww thanks Jess! I am very lucky to have such a gorgeous well-behaved foal. He was an absolute dream yesterday! And I think that filly was from Narbethong. I saw the girl holding her with a Narbethong jacket it could have been.
  19. Gamblin Paint Bred

    Gamblin Paint Bred Well-known Member

    Hi you must be so happy with your little fella he such a good boy I keep meaning to ask does he still have his family jewels or did he get the chop:p lol and well done again.
    ( I came over with the two big idiots and said hi)
  20. Megzee

    Megzee New Member

    Very happy! He hasn't got the chop yet and I'm not planning on it as long as nothing goes horribly wrong! He's fairly quiet and has good manners so as long as it stays that way, a stallion he will be.

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