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Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by Minx, May 12, 2011.

  1. Minx

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    At the moment I have a 12yr old TB gelding and an 18month old welsh cob filly. I am moving to NZ within the next 12 months but unfortunately will only be able to take one horse with me which will be the youngster so will be selling on my gorgeous boy. It will be very hard to part with him and I want to make sure he has a fab new home in plenty of time before we leave.

    My problem is that when he goes my filly will be on her own and I am concerned about separation anxiety as she is very clingy with him. I know it is not ideal for her to be on her own but I dont know how else to go about this. I am at a private agistment with no other horses but I will be able to put my sheep in with her do you think this would be better than nothing ?? or would it be better to just let her "get over it, as it will help her for when she has to travel" as someone has already said to me ???

    Has anyone else kept a youngster on their own ? how did they cope ? ... I would be up there with her as much as possible but it is the times inbetween that I am getting myself worked up about.

    I know I am probably just thinking the worst case scenario's in my head but best to be prepared. This is all just driving me nuts as to what is the best way to go about it all .... Argggggghhhhh hellllllppppppp :confused:
  2. Heifer

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    Can you temporarily agist her with someone else's horse? Or agist someone else's horse with her? Second chance might have a horse that needs a temp home ;)
    There are plenty of horses around!
  3. Caroline

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    Your filly will be fine with sheep, however an older horsey mate is best for a baby to teach them horse language and herd skills etc.**)

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