Young horses at Ag shows - any tips??

Discussion in 'Horse Showing and Events' started by Showie, Oct 20, 2008.

  1. Showie

    Showie Active Member

    Well I managed to survive my first Ag show with Harry on the weekend.
    My poor sister wasnt so lucky - he bucked her off whilst she was warming him up for me and she was unable to ride that day. He was really good after that little moment so lets hope its a one off.
    Anyway - how do you help youngsters cope in new environments??
    I tried to work him heaps and that seemed to work, but what about calmers, ear plugs etc, etc?
    Id love to hear any tips as we are off to Albany in a few weeks time - Im hoping five hours on the float could work to my advantage too.
  2. Playin With Fire

    Playin With Fire Well-known Member

    Walk them round heaps so they get used to it all. My younster I took to a show and simply left him tied to the float. He had food all day so was happy. Let him know that it was ok when all the other horses walked off, cos they came back.
    Practice makes perfect!
    If you get there nice n early so you aren't rushed and stressed that also helps!!
    Most importantly
    Have fun!!!!
  3. simbin

    simbin Gold Member

    Its just a matter of desensitising them unfortunately. I took my 14y/o tb who has only competed in dressage and closed hack shows to Toodyay show and he was terrified of everything going on. He was so stressed and he bucked and kept trying to race off. The judge congratulated me on being able to settle him at all lol.

    It was a really fun day.
  4. Cav

    Cav Gold Member

    I think it just comes down to experience Showie, a lot of patience and just keep persisting and going to shows :) :)* good luck!!
  5. Showie

    Showie Active Member

    Thanks girls - he is only three so I know its alot for him to take in.
    He started getting ratty towards the end of the day on Saturday - neighing out and fidgetting so I put him away.
    My old boy I would have made work and work until he got over himself but wasnt sure if that was the correct approach with a baby. I dont want to make it a bad experience for him but am not sure if Im babying him to much.
    So much to think about!!!
  6. Tyne

    Tyne Well-known Member

    He has come along so far A! You have done so well to even be out already!
    I think just getting him out and use to it. I remember you telling me that even working him at home was hard beucase he would shy so think that wasnt that long ago and now you have him out at shows. Good job!! Hes only a baby imagine him in a couple of years he will be a pro!
  7. Showie

    Showie Active Member

    Awww thanks Tyne.
    I know I need to keep remembering the small things.
    I washed and plaited him up on my own and he never moved this time.
    The first time I plaited him I had to put the knee hobbles on him cause he drove me mad moving about!
    A girl told me on the weekend that I should have been happy as Ag shows are scary for the grown up horses as well.
    I guess I just keep on keeping on....
  8. madcow

    madcow Guest

    Ag shows are scarey for the best of horses and some horses never get used to them LOL

    I never leave home without ears plugs for any show. Work them down heaps if that works, take them off protein before show and all the usual.

    Then hang on and hope for the best ROFLMO. Pray you get your Ag point and then forget about ti til the following year when you have to go through it all again*#)

    Ahhh fun:D
  9. Wildwood

    Wildwood Well-known Member

    my best approach for ag shows is try to go to ones that are quiet!!!
    I took my youngster out to manji at the start of the year, that was her first show and lucky it was a quiet ag show with the rides and all the scary things on the other side of the grounds! Margaret River was also super as the horse events were on the back oval with no show atmosphere!
    I know its hard for you Showie as you live quite a distance away but yeah in that case just getting there early putting him on the lunge etc etc should help and not being stressed about anything. Good luck!
  10. Sweety

    Sweety Active Member

    I took my 4 year old arabian to his first ridden show at the Waroona Ag Show and he was a darling!!!
    whereas my 20 year old arabian mare for the last three years would go off her brains, she just couldnt get over it and she had alot of show experience!!! Yet at hacking shows, arab shows and pc she was the BEST! goes to show, some never get over the excitment of Ag shows!

    But im sure your boy will be perfectly well-behaved and look fantastic too!!! Goodluck!!!
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