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Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by CaityTB, May 16, 2011.

  1. CaityTB

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    Hey Guys,
    Just a couple of quick questions I can't seem to find the answers to myself.
    I have a 6 month old x-breed filly, she is the first horse under 10 years of age that I've owned. She appears to be having a hard time chewing anything like carrot pieces or apple pieces, and I'm not sure if it's just her age or what.
    I opened her mouth and had a lookie, but the problem is I've got no idea what I'm looking for!! Could someone please explain common dental problems in young horses? What teeth should be present at her age? What colour should her little teeth be(like the crowns? the chewing surface bit)? I would absoloutly LOVE pictures of normal 6-12 month old weanlings teeth! It would be greatly appreciated. At this present time I can't afford to get an equine dentist out to her. She grazes normally and eats hay perfectly fine too as far as I can tell.
    Any info is appreciated. Thanks!!
  2. Going round in circles

    Going round in circles Active Member

    The best way to tell if her teeth are sharp is to run your fingers along the edges of her teeth. Becareful not to loss finger. At this age it is probly just a cap which should fall out itself. I normal will get a dentist to do their teeth no earlier than 14months just before they get broken in.

    I don't think you should worry. If she starts losing weight due to not being able to chew her normal feed then get dentist. Apples and carrots take time to learn to chew without dropping.
  3. horsescomefirst

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    most horses get their teeth done before getting broken in.

    i rang my dentist today and hes making the trip this was friday an said he is currently doing 20 + TB yearlings at moment as they are all about to get broken in.

    my boy will be getting his teeth done friday and hes 18 months at moment, although hes now into his second prep **)

    all horses make a mess eating carrots and apples!!!! ;)
  4. Theriowannabe

    Theriowannabe Active Member

    Shouldn't be loosing any incisors until 2.5 years old but he may just be getting in baby corner incisors in (should have 6 on top in front and 6 on bottom).

    The Horse | Baby Teeth This is a great article about baby teeth and the problems they can have, hope it helps:))
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  5. Going round in circles

    Going round in circles Active Member

    When I have had yearling teeth done most have had lost caps and have caps at the time some even have their wolf teeth coming through so they get removed then and their
  6. Theriowannabe

    Theriowannabe Active Member

    It is normal for their wolf teeth to come in at around 12 months but there are no baby wolf teeth to push out and create a cap with. I suppose the caps that your guys had as yearling could have been caps from their cheek teeth not their incisors but the OPs filly is 6 months and shouldn't be loosing cheek teeth till 9-12 months.
  7. Going round in circles

    Going round in circles Active Member

    Sorry I wrote that wrong the caps where from the check teeth I know that wolf teeth don't have caps. check caps can start at 6 months and if fed hard feed weanlings can get sharp teeth. I have seen some wolf teeth erupt when horse are 5yrs, so the general rules of teeth are really only a guide.
  8. CaityTB

    CaityTB New Member

    Thanks for the replies guys! My little girl is a bit on the chubby side, so is currently not hardfed and living on grass. (She gets super fat on even hay :/) She used to get Breed n Grow and Hay from 3 months of age to 5 months and she would finish her hard feed in 4 minutes flat. I have 'tried' to feel if they are sharp and I nearly lost my fingers!! They felt sharp when she bit down I can tell you that much!(cut my fingers up) So I don't really plan on doing that again lol. I'll take another look this afternoon, maybe take pictures and see what teeth she has at the moment. I am clueless with teeth, so what colour should they be at this age?
  9. Theriowannabe

    Theriowannabe Active Member

    They should still be pretty white and quite little compared to adult teeth. I have no idea how to post pictures on here but there is tons of info and pictures on the internet if you do a google images search for "foal teeth".
  10. Leti loves Elmo

    Leti loves Elmo Well-known Member

    Getting their teeth done is pretty cheap if sedatives isnt needed. I pay $40 a horse. Surely you can spare that? It would solve all your problems **)
  11. CaityTB

    CaityTB New Member

    The minimum cost for the dentist here is $140 and to have the vet do it it's $330 and I live just In Town on the East Coast. She wouldn't need a sedative as I have been playing with her mouth and desensitizing her to touch around that area for a couple of months, but she is a very skittish foal and will rear, so I am unsure. At the moment I just can't afford it. One of my friends is actually buying this filly off me, Because I don't feel I can provide adequate care for her.
    Again, thank-you all for your replies!!

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