Young Event Horse-Grand Prix

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  1. I wouldn't have thought there would be a draw as such? It commences at 8.30 and wouldn't take long to get thru each horse considering no gear changes?? Better practice dsg in the jump saddle coz there's no way I can jump in the dsg saddle!
  2. Stormy

    Stormy Well-known Member

    i have been practising dressage in the jump saddle with the grackle bridle on lol
  3. spoke to event organiser tonight and evidently it's a very relaxed format and the guest judges provide good feedback throughout the three phases and even offer assistance where required phew!
  4. EPS

    EPS Active Member

    soo does anyone know roughly what time the Grand Prix will start??
  5. EPS

    EPS Active Member

    anyone know what time ?? :)
  6. pso

    pso Gold Member

    On the website it just says 'in the afternoon'...That could mean anything!:p
  7. naughtydog63

    naughtydog63 Well-known Member

    Grand Prix starts at 1 :)
  8. naughtydog63

    naughtydog63 Well-known Member

    young event horse 8.30
  9. EPS

    EPS Active Member

    thanks guys :D will pop down for a looky
  10. LeedaleLodgeChik

    LeedaleLodgeChik Well-known Member

    hey all had a super day guy came 2nd in young event horse and seb came second in the grand prix :)
  11. BadWolf

    BadWolf Active Member

    thats awesome :)

    great work :D

    cant wait till blue is up and eventing again :)
  12. Little Bean

    Little Bean Well-known Member

    Well done Liz that's great **)

    A little off topic but can I ask how many horses your new truck takes?
  13. horsegirlmel

    horsegirlmel New Member

    does anyone know if the results will be on ktrials like normal

    or whether they will be on a web somewhere
  14. LeedaleLodgeChik

    LeedaleLodgeChik Well-known Member

    our horse truck takes 4.
    mind you the guy who had it before us use to get 7 in there or something ridiculas. he didnt have divisions in when he trucked them but*#)
  15. EPS

    EPS Active Member

    don't know all the results but frm memory...

    Grand Prix...

    1st Mike Dagostino
    2nd Liz Moore

    3rd Belinda Isbister/4th Tegan Lush (these could have been the other way round- i can't remember!)

    5th Karlee Hayes
    6th Jess Manson

    I think i heard Tim Ellis won overall young event horse...
  16. LeedaleLodgeChik

    LeedaleLodgeChik Well-known Member

    yep teegan go the 4/5 year
    belinda on jeta got the pony one
  17. Stormy

    Stormy Well-known Member

    actually jetta won the overall young event horse
  18. LeedaleLodgeChik

    LeedaleLodgeChik Well-known Member

    oo yep did to lol tim won it last year nic :p
  19. oakfordequestrian

    oakfordequestrian New Member


    just to let everyone know the scores for the young event horse and the eventing grand prix

    will be placed on the web page

    today or tomorrow

    i will let every one know when it is up

    please keep checking the Harvey web page regularly as we will be updating it with lots of results gossip and good pics!!!
  20. oakfordequestrian

    oakfordequestrian New Member

    scores are up

    just to let everyone know

    the young event horse and

    eventing grand prix times are now up

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