you may want to stay a little longer. . . .

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  1. sparkie

    sparkie Well-known Member

    Are you going to Margaret River for the Equirama in December?

    You just may want to stay a little longer,

    looks whos going to be there

    DanJames, JacintaMaurer, Jose'Mendez, PaulBrennan, DanSteers
    All covering Dressage, Polocrosse, Trick Riding, Horsemanship, Campdrafting and MUCH MUCH MORE . . . . . these clinics are at a very reasonable cost.

    who:Dan James & Dan Steers
    What: Horsemanship 2x 2day clinics
    when: 8th-11th December
    Where: Equirama Grounds

    Who: Jose' Mendez
    What: Dressage/Spanish riding individual lessons
    When:8th-10th December
    where: Equirama grounds

    Who: Jacinta Maurer
    What: Horsemanship / Trick Riding 2x 1day Clinics
    When: 8th-10th December
    Where: Equirama Grounds

    Who: Paul Brennan & Dan James
    What: Polocrosse 2 x 2day clinics
    When: 12th-15th December
    Where: Jesters flat Margaret River

    This is going to be huge, and an awsome opportunity to be apart of. all bookings close wednesday 19th November 2008

    For more information please contact Lauren on 0419232336 or email
  2. sparkie

    sparkie Well-known Member

    just bumping it up for everyone
  3. sparkie

    sparkie Well-known Member

    albany clinic

    30th and 31st august
    more info contact 0419232336
  4. sparkie

    sparkie Well-known Member

    just bumpin it
  5. sparkie

    sparkie Well-known Member

    bumpin it up again
  6. sparkie

    sparkie Well-known Member

    bump bump bump
  7. blitzen

    blitzen Gold Member

    where exactly are the "equirama" grounds? i LOL'd.

    how much? & do tix cover more than one session>? i'm interested in the horsemanship ones. do you have to bring a horse or can i audit?
  8. sparkie

    sparkie Well-known Member

    tix? audit?
    the costs vary for each clinic
    yeh you will need to bring your own horse and gear unless you want to learn trick riding and you dont have a horse i am sure i can put together a group to cater for that. to be honest i havent got the exact address for the equirama grounds, this has just come about so i am in the process of confirming everything with the instuctors. but it is going to be going ahaed for definite.
  9. blitzen

    blitzen Gold Member

    audit = watch
    tix = tickets. as in, can you go to more than one person?
  10. sparkie

    sparkie Well-known Member

    yes spectators are more than welcome, and you can book into as many clinics as you like. what I need first is the booking then when i am happy with the numbers i will then send out the application forms, because everything is so up in the air at the moment I can add people to my list and send out the information of dates, timetables, costs etc as soon as i have confirmed it all. I am just wanting to give people a heads up now.

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