You can now simply and quickly online for PCAWA Open Annual Insurance

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    You can now simply and quickly apply online for PCAWA Open Annual Insurance

    If you are an Open member and considering attending any PCAWA Open competitions or training days you can access a quick and simple online application to purchase this insurance.

    Please visit Insurance - Members/Non Members to access the secure site.

    A reminder;


    This insurance cover is only available for people who are 18 years and older as of the 1st January 2013.

    The ?Open Annual Insurance Fee? is a once off payment that will provide you with insurance cover at Open Pony Club Events for the calendar year in which you join.

    There are two options;


    This cover provides 24/7 Personal Accident cover whether at home or at competition providing you are engaged in a non-income earning activity. This cover also provides 24/7 Public Liability cover whether at home or competition. This cover provides injured parties with a range of benefits including, loss of wages, broken bone benefit and ambulance cover.


    This cover provides Public Liability cover at officially sanctioned PCAWA events and training days ONLY. This option is not 24/7 and does not provide any Personal Accident cover.

    Once you have completed this application form online your will receive a payment receipt. This is proof of your insurance cover until such time as the Insurance Card is processed and forwarded to you by the PCAWA Office. Please ensure that you carry this receipt or card with you at all times when at a PCAWA as you may be asked to produce this by an Official.
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  2. crave

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    Ive paid mine online over a month ago and still have not received my membership card. :(
  3. jwithoud

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    Bravo to PCAWA for introducing an online payment system - I hope it works well for you and that it is the beginning of many online services. Many thanks!

    PONY CLUB WA New Member

    Hi Crave,

    It is an insurance company regulations that the application forms are processed in the calendar year for which they are valid. We have quite a few to get through but Mags has been processing these all day. You should receive your card in the next couple of days. If not, please contact the office.


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